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Bringing Blogging Back

I don’t spend nearly as much time on blogs as I used to. I’ve greatly trimmed the number of blogs I follow, too. I’ve noted before how Twitter and Facebook have changed my own blogging, and I know I’m not alone in this. So many of the conversations that I used to watch taking place on blog comment boards are now taking place on Facebook walls. Reading blogs through feedreaders has also changed things significantly. At least 80% of the blog reading I do is from within my feedreader . . . so I don’t usually even see the conversations taking place in the comment sections. But I’ve noticed a trend in the past couple of weeks. Call it a widespread case of a New Years Resolution meme if you like, but I’ve seen a lot of my friends – both “real” and virtual – posting to their blogs for […]

Long overdue update

Well, it’s been riculously long since I’ve written a real post about anything – in particular anything that’s going on in my world.  I do intend to get back on the blogging wagon, but I think it may take a little while to catch up.  This is because I want to be thoughtful about how I do this.  I’ve noticed that since Twitter came into my life, a lot of the short, quick take things I used to blog are now ending up there instead of here.  That’s fine, but there’s a hidden implication – when I do blog something, it tends to be several paragraphs in length, and a lot of blog readers just don’t have the patience for that.  So, I’m going to work on posting mainly short items, with an occasional longer treatment of something if I feel like drilling down. By way of categorizing things that […]

Tweek, Dec. 19

Our tweet for the week comes to us from Seattlite Joshua Longbrake (blog here / Twitter here): thelongbrake The weathermen in Seattle can’t even predict the past. Wed, Dec 17 08:21:12

What to blog about when you haven't blogged lately

Despite the fact that my paycheck comes from a major Christian denomination, I don’t typically like to blog about them, er, “us.”  Partly because I shudder when using that word – us – because it means I’m complicit in a lot of things I detest.  Partly because it’s embarrassing.  Partly because I think it’s irrelevant to this blog – I’ve been blogging a heckuva lot longer than I’ve worked for the denom, so what’s it to them (er, us)? Once in a while, even when I do mention the denom, I’ll do it without naming the denom.  All the same reasons as above. Yesterday, a classmate tossed up a link on Twitter, to a news story that talked about our mutual denomination, and evangelism programs.  I literally laughed out loud at points.  Laughter was inappropriate, though, because a) it wasn’t supposed to be a funny piece, and b) I should […]

Tweek – Dec. 12 edition

This week’s top tweet comes from JB. He’s a school principal – an elementary school principal.  Enjoy . . . or, you know, be frightened, whatever. Got a spreadsheet listing injuries at school – one reads “middle finger pain due to overuse” LOL Thu 12/11/2008 10:48 PM


After a week off for Thanksgiving, here’s my favorite tweet of the past week.  It’s from my professor, Len Sweet (Twitter here / website here): Love this quote: “We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking, only to learn that it is God who is shaking them.” Charles WestThu, Dec 04 18:52:48

Double Tweek, 11/20/08

Today’s my last day before leaving town for Thanksgiving, so I’m feeling a little loose.  As a result, I’m going to pop more than one “tweet of the week” on here.   First, is the real one, from Janetta (Twitter here / blog here): Just witnessed the most beautiful vision of a compassionate humanity: a homeless man walked a blind man across the street to get coffeeWed, Nov 19 11:25:26   The other one I’ll mention is actually a direct message on Twitter from Jason Clark (Twitter here / blog here) to me.  While I was at the Peter Rollins talk the other day, I sent this tweet: Peter freaking Rollins. 20 min. in, and my head is about to explode. 1:57 PM Nov 18th   In a quick response, Jason sent this funny dm.  It’s a bit of an inside joke, but I almost laughed out loud while sitting […]


Today’s tweek comes from the keyboard of Jason Clark (blog here, Twitter here).  It’s silly, but hey, what’s wrong with that once in a while? watching the best wedding dance video ever 🙂… about 9 hours ago from twitterrific

Tweet of the week (tweek)

This week’s tweek is brought to you by the letter “O,” as in Obama – all of this week’s finalists came in on Tuesday, and were related to the election.  It comes to us courtesy Rudy Carrasco (Twitter here / Blog here). that, my friends, is the sound of inevitability Tue, Nov 04 12:56:02

Tweet of the week

Lots of the clever and pseudo-clever bloggers out there have themes they post on – “Music Monday,” “Top 3 Tuesday,” “Phriday Photo,” etc.  I don’t have the creative energy to maintain something like that week in, week out.  But if I did, I think I’d do a “Tweet of the Week” . . . or perhaps I’d call it “Tweek” for short.  This would just be my favorite post by someone I follow on Twitter.  I know, a lot of you don’t do Twitter, which is fine – I’m not trying to convert you (but if you are on Twitter and want to look me up, here I am).  For the uninitiated, a post on Twitter is referred to as a “tweet,” and must be 140 characters or less.  So here’s my favorite tweet of the week: From my friend, Eliacin (Twitter here, blog here): reflecting on the imagery that […]