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Islands Beginning With “M”

Last year, on Christmas Eve, my lovely wife-to-be and I flew from Seattle to Maui. We got married a few days later. With the exception of a tiny group of family and friends, we didn’t tell anyone. 51 weeks later, and a few things have changed. New vocations, new city, new country. Flying to Maui to celebrate is a little out of the way from London. Fortunately, the rest of Europe is at our doorstep. So, we are headed out to a different island – Mallorca, Spain. It’s a major summer tourist destination for Brits and Germans. It looks beautiful in pictures, so we’re excited to see it for ourselves. It’ll be a week too early to celebrate our official anniversary, but it’s close enough. Since we’ll probably have limited Internet access, let me cheat the Advent calendar just a little and wish you a Merry Christmas. While we are […]