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Like a good neighbor . . .

They say that good fences make good neighbors.  Apparently, there must be some other stuff that goes into that equation as well, because the fence between my house and my neighbors’ is leaning and sickly in spots.  We’ve tried to shore it up and secure the posts, but the occasional windstorm and some questionable construction by whoever built or repaired the thing in the past has our fence leaning.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have good neighbors.  Not at all. A few months shy of five years ago, I met J & D for the first time.  We pretty quickly became friends, and I’m really grateful for that.  I’ve moved enough times in life to have had a lot of neighbors, but none as good as these. I still remember the day that J tentatively told me that he had unexpectedly stumbled onto my blog.  We hadn’t talked much […]

What if we started over?

Last week, in an effort to fool myself into thinking that I’m a tech geek (even though I know zero coding languages, don’t know most of the fancy acronyms, and don’t use the tools I have access to very elegantly), I watched the 80 minute video from Google’s I/O Conference, in which they rolled out their latest brainchild, Wave.  The video demonstrates some pretty cool stuff that will be game changing – like integrating e-mail, instant messaging, blogging, Twitter, wikis, collaborative projects, and entertainment.  If you’d like, you can watch it here. The video stimulated a lot of questions and thoughts in me, particularly about the implications of these technologies, and how they will be used (both well and poorly) by Christians.  But the statement from the video I keep going back to actually happens very early on (at about 5:00 or so).  The lead developer, who is doing the […]

Blogging the New Conspirators, part 2

Sitting here with Mark Van Steenwyk. Morning session with some great music, and a panel discussion with Mark Scandrete, Tom Yaccino, Kathy Escobar, and Tom Morey. They spoke to various streams in the new way of approaching faith in the way of Jesus – the emerging church, the monastic, the mosaic, and the missional. I really should unpack all those things, but no time for now. Gotta head off to the first workshop session. I’m going to Tom Yaccino’s talk, on his missional expressions of church in the Latin American context. More to come later.

What's up with the house churches?

About six or seven years ago, when I began to rethink my role in faith, church, theology, mission, culture, etc. I didn’t know anybody who was asking the same kinds of questions I was. Oh, there were plenty of people out there that were farther along than I was – I just didn’t know any of them. I slowly began meeting some of them online. About five years ago, I began meeting some of them face to face. For whatever reason, I was meeting a lot of guys that were part of house church communities. Since that time, I’ve continued to meet new folks, and maintain contact with the others. Michelle and I have had the honor of hanging out with several house churches over the past few years. Good people, good communities. We’ve even been a part of house church expressions as our primary worship communities. Good experiences there. […]