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A Seattle Tribute

I sit in an apartment surrounded by boxes, along with other items that will soon be in boxes. It’s reality check time. In less than two weeks (which is six years and eight months after I arrived in the Seattle area) I will leave this city. Not forever, but for a long time. And even though I’m not necessarily leaving Seattle for good, it has left good in me. I could write in a number of different directions about the things I’ve loved and will miss about living here, but here are five: Seattle is globally aware. Many cities in the U.S. have a large mix of people groups living in them, but few are as consciously connected to issues and events around the world as Seattlites. I can have conversations about financial aid to Africa, food shortages, Burmese monks, or Bollywood stars with people at the produce market, park, […]

From Costa Rica With Love

As I write this, I’ve been in Costa Rica for the past five days.  I have only one day left here, before I venture off to my next location.  It’s been a very good time.  On day one, I arrived at about 7am, got picked up at the airport, and was quickly whisked out of the city.  Similar to many other airport cities around the world, the “San Jose” airport is actually outside of the city, in an area called Alajuela.  I was driven right up through the heart of this small city – it had a good vibe to it.  Up into the hills I went. Before long, I was entering the cool, misty, cloudy volcano area, surrounded by coffee trees with their bright red cherries, banana trees, sugar cane plantations.  This is a lush place, full of life.  Costa Rica is pretty aggressive when it comes to environmental […]

A taste of Halloween

Here’s what you get when it’s Halloween season and you’re in one of the great coffee cities of the world: Thanks Trabant!

Disconnected Connectedness

In the exciting new world that is Web 2.0, it’s all about the social networking.  There are some very cool sites that help people network around common relationships, common hobbies, common web surfing habits, common wine palates, common brands of hair spray, common transportation choices, common preferences in vacation getaways, and on and on we go. I personally spend most of my social networking time on Facebook these days.  By looking at my friend totals, you wouldn’t be impressed.  I’m not one to go around requesting friends for people I don’t know.  If someone I don’t know requests me as a friend, I’ll usually agree, but as far as I can remember, I’ve only made one friend request for someone that I haven’t had a personal interaction with at least once (and by “personal,” I include e-mail conversations).  I don’t fault anyone for racking up as many friends as they […]

The green apron people just made a good move

Coffee geek post here.  Starbucks announced on Wednesday that they are acquiring a Seattle coffee equipment company that makes a machine known as the Clover.  This small, funky looking gizmo is an innovative thing of beauty.  What does it do, you ask?  It brews drip coffee . . . but it does it really, amazingly well.  It basically allows your barista to treat a cup of brewed coffee the way she or he treats a shot of espresso – with personal care.  I don’t know what Starbucks’ operation manual will say, but having had coffee out of Clovers a few times at a few different places, here’s a non-technical view of how it works: 1. You choose your coffee – typically from a selection of coffees that are higher-end, and display more subtleties than you might be accustomed to in mass-marketed beans. 2. The barista grinds the beans on the […]

Weekend wrap-up

Well, I’m sitting here, finally at a place to unwind a little after the past few days.  They were good, good days, to be sure, but definitely full, and thought-full, and tiring. The conference was very good.  In some ways, it was a lot like many events I’ve been to over the past eight or nine years – lots of people there, re-thinking church and culture and mission.  There are always a lot of newbies at these events, which can be both exciting and boring at the same time – boring because it seems like I have the same conversations with people over and over about questions being asked, new thoughts being explored, yada yada, but exciting because more and more people are waking up to the broken state of things in Western Christendom thinking, and seeing the Christian religion for what it has become.   I definitely liked that it […]

Bikes to Rwanda

This is a very cool deal that the coffee and bicycling communities of Portland, Oregon have put together. One of the ways that Rwanda is being rebuilt after its devastating civil wars is through the coffee industry. Stumptown Coffee asked the coffee farmers what they needed, and they said bikes. So, bikes is what they’re getting. Check out the Bikes to Rwanda site. HT: tonx

Perkatory Cafe

Earlier this week, the Perkatory Cafe went live at The Purple Door. It’s a partnership between the college ministry I’m a part of, and a local church. We’re open for some limited hours to start with, but hopefully we’ll expand those as time goes. Good, fairly traded coffee will be served, along with a homey vibe, free wi-fi, and 15% more love than the other guys’ coffee shops. If you’re in Seattle, come on by and say hello. One hint, though – take the bus . . . sadly, vast amounts of parking isn’t on the menu.

Denmark Observations – entry 1

While only in Denmark for a few short days, I noticed some cultural stuff that surprised me. First, I was surprised at just how similar the popular clothing fashions are. In one sense, because of the global media and marketplace I shouldn’t be surprised, but my past experience traveling to Europe has been that there are a lot of similarities, with a few distinct oddities mixed in. This time there was an almost total lack of those oddities – about the only thing I noticed was that the females there LOVE the look of form fitting jeans tucked into calf to knee high boots (most with high heels). As for the guys, all I noticed was that they like scarves . . . oh, and all the shoe stores I saw were well stocked with these dress shoes that have extra long toe space with a squared off front. Anyway, […]