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Okay, Now What?

It’s been a busy few weeks for me since returning to the States from my trip abroad.  After flying in to San Diego and spending close to two weeks reconnecting with my body, the U.S. Pacific Standard Time zone, my family, and friends (in that order), I hopped in my car and spent a few days making my way back up the coast to Seattle.  I arrived over the weekend, and have spent the past few days reconnecting with the city I’ve come to love so much, the colder weather (even with relatively mild Winter temperatures, I find myself shivering from having spent most of the past few months in equatorial or summer climate zones), friends, and some of the best coffee the planet has to offer. It’s been a great couple of weeks worth of multiple homecomings, but I’ve only just begun making my rounds with friends here. In […]

Breaking News

After some unforeseen circumstances, it turns out that my trip to Lagos, Nigeria, which would have been the last stop on my world tour, could not happen.  As a result, I made other arrangements, and have returned the U.S. a few days early than I had planned.  I am safe and sound in San Diego. I appreciate the interest you folks have shown in my big adventure.  I’ll continue to post things over the next few weeks that may make it sound as though I’m still away. Among these posts, I’ll do some summarizing of where I’ve been and what I’ve learned.  Stay tuned.

A Conversation Partner in Malaysia

I started this blog – in it’s humble, stripped down, blogspot format – a few months shy of eight years ago.  At that time, the blogging pond was pretty small.  I jumped in because I was interested in engaging conversation that would end up developing into what some refer to as the emerging church.  Back then, I knew nobody in person who was wandering the crazy pathways I was, so I went to this new online community.  Frankly, there weren’t really that many people that were even blogging about issues of postmodernity, deconstruction, and approaching the gospel and the Church from a non/post-Christendom perspective.  So, the few blogs that were out there tended to link to each other quite a lot, so the blogrolls I’d see typically had the same core of names and pages on them. One of those names I used to see on blogrolls (and still do) […]

My Christmas Wish

Greetings from wherever I am when you read this! I’m writing this post sitting in the domestic airport in Mumbai, India. When I post it, I’ll probably be in the air, on my way to Bangkok, Thailand. Wherever I am when I post this, and wherever I am on Christmas day won’t matter that much. I just wanted to say a quick Merry Christmas to you all. If you’ve been following my adventures here, thanks. I love reading your comments, e-mail messages, Facebook wall posts, and tweets. I’m grateful for your interest and support and encouragement, and perhaps even your jealousy that I get to do this trip. It’s a strange way to think about it, but I don’t think this journey would be worth taking if I didn’t have folks to interact with along the way. Much love to you as you celebrate with family and friends. Much more […]

How to DRAW a Crowd in Mumbai

I have recently completed a brief visit to Mumbai, India.  It’s something I had been looking forward to for a long time.  As you may know, I had the opportunity to spend almost three weeks in India in the summer of 2008.  There’s something about this place that grabs you.  I had a sense when I left last year that I would be back. When planning my itinerary, I wanted to visit some other cities in India that I hadn’t seen before, so rather than returning to Delhi (which I strongly considered doing, in order to see friends there), I decided to go to Mumbai and Bangalore – two very important cities when it comes to globalization, and the rapidly growing future of India. I was in central Mumbai on a Sunday afternoon, walking around, seeing the city.  It’s different in many way from Delhi, similar in many others.  As […]

Futbol – The FC Barcelona Way

I’m a futbol fan – say it with me, people – “fut-bol.”  I’m also an NFL football fan (with just a little college football mixed in), but I love the game USAmericans call soccer.  So, when I started out on my big trip around the world, I was really hoping to get a chance to see some high level futbol (I’m a Seattle Sounders FC supporter, but Major League Soccer in the USA is on a very minor league level compared with most of the world).  Unfortunately, things just didn’t work out with my schedule to see an English Premier League fixture while I was in the UK.  Happily, my time in Barcelona coincided perfectly with perhaps the top futbol team in the world, FC Barcelona, to be playing at home, and I was able to acquire a ticket.  I ended up kind of building a full day around this […]

Where I Haven’t Been Lately

For the past week, I’ve been off the grid.  I wrote and scheduled some posts before I left to at least give the appearance that I was around the blog . . . but I wasn’t.  I’ve even done a bit of writing in the past week (like now, when I’m still away), but without an internet connection, I haven’t been able to upload anything. So where in the world have I been?  I’m not going to say.  However, I’ll give you some clues by telling you where I haven’t been for the past week. – I haven’t been in a place with a lot of advertising.  Like, literally, almost no advertising.  Restaurants and businesses have signs outside identifying them, but for the past week of my life, I haven’t seen a billboard for any soft drinks, fast food restaurants, hotels, airlines, automobiles, banks, liquors, grocery stores, or anything except […]

Praise For A Cause I Don’t Support

I’ve been a practicing Christian my whole life.  For the vast majority of it, I have been heavily embedded in the Christian ghetto – from feel-good churches to the Jesus-junk bookstores to “positive talk radio” to being a journalist in the “contemporary Christian music” industry.  I’ve been to countless events – concert festivals, stadium evangelism gatherings, and yes, I’ve seen the Power Team live.  Some of what I’ve just written, I’m deeply embarrassed about.  Some of it is silliness that I can laugh about in the way everyone laughs at the wardrobe choices in their old high school photos as they’re preparing for their 20 year reunions.  Some of that stuff I’m actually okay with – but I won’t tell you what! Anyway, at many of these Christians Attending Ghetto Events (a.k.a. CAGEs), there is a “pitch” for a cause.  There are a number of organizations that do these pitches, […]

The Highest Priced Shoes I’ve Ever Owned

I’ve been hassled about having a thing for shoes.  That’s somewhat, but not totally true.  I do like looking at and obtaining new shoes.  I think shoes indicate something of a man’s personality.  Unfortunately, I’m also cheap – I hate paying a ton of money for shoes.  Well, in the picture here, you see my newest pair of shoes.  They are definitely the costliest shoes I’ve ever had.  Sort of . . . The truth is, I paid exactly $0.00 for these new running shoes.  They retail for the moderate sum of 70 bucks a pair (moderate by running shoe standards, that is).  I’ve paid more money for shoes before (though rarely).  So then, how are these the highest priced shoes I’ve ever owned? Well, these things cost me plenty. A few months back, my friend and former college ministry colleague, Petey Crowder got selected by Nike to be an […]

Ticketmaster is the Devil (Inside)

I just bought concert tickets online.  Through Ticketmaster.  And went through what I go through every single time I do a transaction with that company.  The seething inner turmoil over being gouged by a company that is nothing more than a middle-man for a product they have very little to do with producing.  I’m clearly not the only one that feels this way – just for kicks, I just Googled “ticketmaster hate,” and came up with over 370,000 pages to choose from, including this one.  But as I sit here grumbling about it, I have to admit that somehow, some way, I’m still a chooser, and I chose to give this company my money.  And that indicates what may be some hidden value. I can call this company evil all I want, but in reality, they place my own consumerism front and center.  The truth is, I wanted something enough […]