Puerto Rican Street Art

Last week, I stood in awe of the artistic works on display at the Tate Modern in London. Yesterday, I stood in awe of the work on display on the streets of San Juan. Whether it’s a planned mural, a simple doodle, or a political statement, there’s a lot to see here. All of these pictures (and a few more) were taken on a short walk, within just of few blocks of where I’m staying. I took these almost accidentally. I’ll be looking forward to more . . .

3000 Words

Welcome to the new

Hi there everyone, and welcome to the new version of!  I’m glad you’re here, and hope you come back.  If you’ve visited before, then you’ll notice that things have definitely spruced up around here.  My friend, John Chandler, is responsible for putting this new space together for me.  If you need some design work, you should look him up!

More media files to come soon . . .

Glasgow Necropolis, with the Glasgow Cathedral in the background.


Because I tend to listen to a lot of school-related lectures on my iPod, I end up getting pretty backlogged on the unlistened-to podcasts.  I’ve been trying to catch up here and there on some favorites . . . but I find myself most eagerly looking forward to the new editions of three podcasts in particular:   – This American Life – I listened to last week’s show (#353) yesterday, and it’s really quite depressing.  If you aren’t disturbed by the Bush administration’s clear demonstration of American empire, you need to listen carefully to this one.  This isn’t a conservative vs. liberal thing, either – this administration has set in motion some very bad precedents that could go badly in the future.  Remember what I said earlier this week – American empire is not our friend. – Speaking of Faith – smart, insightful, and level-headed conversations about religion in our […]