2010 Reading List (books completed):

Theology in the Context of World Christianity

Thy Kingdom Connected

Evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail

The Teaching of the Twelve

Giving Church Another Chance

Predictably Irrational

Surprised By Hope

The Celtic Way of Evangelism

God Is Back

Leadership and the New Science

The Outsider Interviews

2009 Reading List (books completed)

the shack

the blue parakeet

christianity beyond belief

the next evangelicalism

2008 Reading List (books completed)


the tangible kingdom

paul and his letters

what are you optimistic about?

paul, the spirit, and the people of god

what are spiritual gifts?

paul, apostle of god’s glory in christ

what saint paul really said

postcolonial reconfigurations

colossians remixed

the new conspirators

wide open spaces

the choice principle

the future of religion


the open secret

everything must change

people of the dream

a geography of god

jesus and the gospels

the emerging christian way

2007 Reading List (books completed)

generation me
jesus and the restoration of israel
god’s continent
globalizing theology
gustavo gutierrez: essential writings
jesus and the eyewitnesses
garlands of grace
twenty poems to nourish your soul
the black swan
dancing in the streets
made to stick
signs in contemporary culture
hit the bullseye
the politics of jesus
readings in christian ethics
toward old testament ethics
the kite runner
principles of conduct
velvet elvis
the irresistable revolution
they like jesus, but not the church
the great omission
charisma: the gift of grace, and how it has been taken from us
the starfish and the spider
a perfect mess
the world cafe
the new faces of christianity
leaving church
journeying in faith
the creed
transforming mission
metaphors we live by
foolishness to the greeks
personal knowledge