IMG_0643About Me:

I’m Steve. I do life in Encinitas, California (a gorgeous surf town north of San Diego). I’m a San Diego native, but spent 8 years living in Seattle and abroad. I’m a coffee lover, culture watcher, and love spending time with my lovely wife, Sarah.  I love travel, and am fortunate enough to have done a good bit of it.  If you’d like to contact me, just leave a comment on this page, and I’ll pick it up when I get a chance.

About SpiritFarmer.com:

I started blogging in April 2002, back when a lot of folks hadn’t ever heard the word “blog,” much less what it meant.  The blog has changed a bit since then, as have I.  I’ve organized the site into the following six categories, though change is always in the air:

Academics – This is a place for posts about some of the work I have done, and am continuing to do in the academic realm.  It’s the stuff I like to study.  It should be understood that I don’t make an attempt in this section to write academically – the footnotes and language would get laborious to write, and I imagine, even worse to read.  I want to make the things I post throughout this site accessible to the common reader.

Culture – I love, love, love observing, thinking about, and writing about culture.  I like to understand what makes societies tick, and how they’re influenced by popular television, music, movies, magazines, websites, podcasts, advertisers, clothing companies, and social networks.  In this section, you may find a music or TV review, and little post on linguistics, or a commentary on my favorite TV commercials.

Media – This is a place where I’ll upload some video and photo files.  It may be me filming myself with some bit of commentary, it may be some YouTube clip I found interesting, or some photos I’ve taken or seen along my journey.  This isn’t a place for me to comment on popular media . . . that would be the Culture category.

Steve’s World – Like having this big ‘ol blog isn’t narcissistic enough, I have to go create a whole section all about me?  Well, yes!  Like many bloggers, I sometimes like to use this space as a life journal of sorts, where I talk about what’s going on with me.  At times, this doesn’t fit neatly into any of the other categories, so I created this as a sort of default space.  I could write about sports here, or a family holiday celebration, or how I don’t understand why more people aren’t joining me in my demand for a new Ricky Martin record.

Theology & Practice – Similar to the Academics category, this isn’t meant to be a place for heavy reading about theology.  It’s more me musing about theology here . . . hopefully in some practical ways.  I happen to believe that all people are theologians from birth, and we all demonstrate our theology in the way we live.  So this is a place to be reflective on that, and make some connections about some things we may not have considered.

Travel – Pretty self-explanatory, really.  I like going places.  Whether it’s faraway lands that require airplanes, or a road trip of three hours, I like going there.  This will be where I write about the places I’ve been, the places I am headed, and perhaps the places I’d like to avoid visiting again (I’m lookin’ at you, Oakland!).

Hopefully all that helps a little.

NOTE: All statements made on this blog reflect my own thoughts and opinions.  I may make mentions of my affiliations with institutions, organizations, friendships, or sports teams, but my commentary here should not be deemed as having been endorsed by any of them.  In other words, if something I say makes you mad, blame it on me, not them . . . but I’d also appreciate you leaving a comment or contacting me directly, because I’d like to be friends – we may not agree on everything, but real friendship is worth the effort.