StoryCloud Counseling

logoFifteen years ago, I was living living in Southern California and in grad school, working on a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling. I was about halfway through a 1,000 hour internship, doing individual therapy, group therapy, and teaching life skills classes at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in downtown San Diego. While it was certainly challenging work, I found it to be very rewarding and life-giving. When I graduated in 1999, I was planning to pursue a private counseling practice. As it turned out, the church I had been attending for almost a decade invited me to become a full-time member of its pastoral staff, and thus began my career in Christian vocational ministry.

Since that time, I have done church-based pastoral ministry, university-based ministry, community mental health clinical counseling, and furthered my education through a Doctor of Ministry degree. My academic interests led me to start a PhD in London, which I had hoped would open up some possibilities to teach at the undergraduate level. Unfortunately, several factors led me to put that pursuit on hold.

I have always had an integrated approach, encouraging people to pursue both spiritual and mental health and growth. And since my recent move back to Southern California, I’m ready to go back to the old game plan, and I’m excited to launch my new project, called StoryCloud Counseling. I’m combining my love for working with young adults with my training and experience in counseling. StoryCloud is an online counseling practice, where I meet with folks in “the cloud,” via Skype and Google Hangouts. Since young people spend so much of their time online, that’s where I’m focusing my attention. I’m interested in helping folks work through issues of identity and faith formation, addiction recovery, relationship challenges, and a wide range of other spiritual and mental health concerns. I have a good group of colleagues to consult with and get input from, so I am able to understand the interaction of medications and multiple treatment modalities.

Please feel free to visit the StoryCloud Counseling website, as well as the Facebook page, the Google+ page, and Twitter to follow along. I look forward to providing regular blog posts and other forms of content. If you know someone who is looking for a safe space in which to get some work done, I’d be happy to have a consultation session.

I’m also working on some ideas that I’ll roll out that will extend what I can offer folks in the months to come, so stay tuned. This space will continue to serve as a place for me to muse on some other topics – though a lot of my writing will be focused on making the StoryCloud site helpful to as many people as possible.

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