Life update . . . live from Seoul

It’s been many months since my last blog post. In over ten years of blogging, this is definitely the longest stretch between updates. Unlike other recent quiet periods on the blog, I have also been very quiet on Twitter and Facebook. As you’ll see below, it’s not as though I’ve had a boring life this year, I just haven’t been living it in a public way. There’s no way to do a thorough life update here without being unreadably boring, so I won’t even try, but here’s a quick overview:

–       After moving to London in the Fall of 2011 in order to start my PhD research at King’s College London, Sarah and I made the decision to return to the Seattle area in Spring 2012. This was much sooner than we had originally planned, but our financial game plan didn’t work out as we had hoped. Sustainable employment was difficult to find, and London is a very very expensive city . . . bad combination, and it was seriously affecting our ability to pay for my tuition fees, etc. So, we’re back in Seattle, and getting our feet back under us. Returning so soon is obviously disappointing in some ways, but I’m really grateful to have been able to live there and have some rich experiences. Maybe I’ll write some other reflective posts from the perspective of an expat.

–       While getting my PhD studies underway, I hit some snags in my research, and am making some adjustments in my focus. With the move back to the States, I’m trying to figure out how to integrate an updated game plan with more of a part-time focus.

–       I’m also on an updated version of a job search. Feel free to hire me. Thanks.

–       I’m still happily working with George Fox Seminary’s DMin proram in Leadership and Global Perspectives. In fact, even as I write, I’m in Seoul, South Korea on a learning journey with students. It’s an honor (an incredibly FUN honor) to work with some great folks with fascinating research topics. Seoul is a dynamic city, and learning about the history of the nation and the Christian community has been great.

With all the changes that have happened in the past couple of years – marriage, moving multiple times, shifts in vocational focus – I don’t think things have quite settled out just yet. I’m quite content with this rhythm of life. There are times I wish I had a thirty year plan, but for now, this is just fine.

Now if I could just get my blogging mojo back . . .

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