Favorite Cover Song of 2012?*

I’m not sure how I missed this hilarious headline: “Susan Boyle Covers Depeche Mode Classic,” but apparently a couple months back, I did. Ms. Boyle, who became one of the viral-est viral video stars after her TV talent show thing, would certainly not be the kind of ‘artist’ I’d expect to cover Depeche Mode. And yet, that happened. So, was she able to do with “Enjoy the Silence” what she did with “I Dreamed A Dream”?

As a big DM fan from my high school/college days, I couldn’t resist the trainwreck. I’ve often been a fan of artistic juxtaposition, but cover songs are so rarely done well. So how did she do?

Stunned. She nailed it. Well sung, well produced. She actually captured the spirit of the lyrics, and added some artistry. It’s not quite as good as Johnny Cash’s cover of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus, but you’d expect Johnny to connect with DM’s dark edge, wouldn’t you? Now what I’d LOVE to see is Susan Boyle attempting a re-make of DM’s iconic music video to go along with it. Orrrrrr, you know, maybe not.

You can listen to the song for yourself and tell me if I’ve lost all control of my senses. Maybe 2012 isn’t treating me well so far . . .

<walks away scratching head in disbelief>


*Before you take the post title too seriously, please consider that this post was originally written on January 3, which means that this is, in fact, my favorite cover song of the year . . . but it’s the only one I’ve heard this year.


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