Bringing Blogging Back

I don’t spend nearly as much time on blogs as I used to. I’ve greatly trimmed the number of blogs I follow, too. I’ve noted before how Twitter and Facebook have changed my own blogging, and I know I’m not alone in this. So many of the conversations that I used to watch taking place on blog comment boards are now taking place on Facebook walls. Reading blogs through feedreaders has also changed things significantly. At least 80% of the blog reading I do is from within my feedreader . . . so I don’t usually even see the conversations taking place in the comment sections.

But I’ve noticed a trend in the past couple of weeks. Call it a widespread case of a New Years Resolution meme if you like, but I’ve seen a lot of my friends – both “real” and virtual – posting to their blogs for the first time in months, often saying something like, “I’ve had this blog for a long time, but have neglected it lately. But I’m going to change that and begin posting more.” Since these are friends, and not just random people I don’t care about, it makes me happy to think about reading their thoughts again. It makes me wonder if 2012 is going to be the return of the wayward blogger.

Here are some guesses as to why this might be the case. First, it’s an election year in the U.S., so people are thinking more about candidates, issues, and values, so they want to write about them. Second, a number of the bloggers I follow started their blogs around the same time I did . . . about TEN years ago – so I think ┬áthere’s a bit of nostalgia around the ten year anniversary. Third, while quickly ┬ácondensing your thoughts to 140 characters, and then throwing them out there withlittleornoediting, can be a lot of fun, a lot of us miss the days when we’d sit down and be a little reflective . . . before throwing our thoughts out there withlittleornoediting. Sometimes having to sharpen your sentences to fit the Twitter character limit produces some beautiful things, but it’s pretty rare to be elegant enough to tweet something that’s both interesting and sophisticated enough to be more than just a throw-away soundbite. Fourth, now that EVERYONE is on Facebook and/or Twitter, a lot of folks are tiring of weeding through all the superfluous gunk and marketing to be found there. That, and they (o.k., WE) remember when they/we were the cool kids that had discovered something others hadn’t. But now that blogging is “over,” maybe its time to be retro.

Only time will tell if people live up to their blogging resolutions, but I hope most do. To that end, I’m willing to do my part, and have another go at posting regularly here. And, while time and efficiency need to factor in, I’ll also try to go to more actual blogs and throw in some comments. As a blogger, I know it’s always good to hear what others think – even/especially when folks disagree.

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