Islands Beginning With “M”

20111217-084654.jpgLast year, on Christmas Eve, my lovely wife-to-be and I flew from Seattle to Maui. We got married a few days later. With the exception of a tiny group of family and friends, we didn’t tell anyone.

51 weeks later, and a few things have changed. New vocations, new city, new country. Flying to Maui to celebrate is a little out of the way from London. Fortunately, the rest of Europe is at our doorstep. So, we are headed out to a different island – Mallorca, Spain. It’s a major summer tourist destination for Brits and Germans. It looks beautiful in pictures, so we’re excited to see it for ourselves. It’ll be a week too early to celebrate our official anniversary, but it’s close enough.

Since we’ll probably have limited Internet access, let me cheat the Advent calendar just a little and wish you a Merry Christmas. While we are having a good experience living in London, we do miss being with family and friends at this time of year. We are grateful for the good people God has placed in our lives.

Peace, friends.


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  1. Awesome, Steve! I hope you and your bride enjoy a magnificent week on Mallorca, and a blessed Christmas, too!

  2. Merry Christmas

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