London Update (just the basics)

After having arrived in London nearly two months ago, it’s probably time for me to post an update here. Obviously, with a move to another country and a change in vocation, there’s a lot to write about – too much, in fact, so I won’t even try. But just so folks know that we are alive and well, here’s a quick run-down of life in London. It’s not a terribly exciting post, but that’s o.k.

We landed at Heathrow on September 15, loaded down with a LOT of luggage. We checked in to a hotel for our first few nights, but then got to look at, and move in to our flat. We’re living in Southeast London, near an area called Canada Water. The neighborhood we’re in is incredibly diverse – I’m pretty sure we’re in the minority as native English speakers, which we actually enjoy.

Just a couple of days after moving in, we packed our bags, and hopped on a northbound train to Durham University, where I attended a conference on Ecclesiology and Ethnography. We stayed at St. John’s College, which is literally across the street from Durham Cathedral, a 1,000 year old marvel. Durham is a stunning town, and we loved being there, if only for a couple of days. (I took this photo one evening while we were there – that’s the Cathedral poking up above the trees on the left).

When we got back to London, I got formally enrolled at King’s College London, and got going right away with some postgraduate research seminars, and working with my supervisor. The work has been challenging, but energizing thus far. At this stage of the PhD, I find myself floundering around a good bit, but that’s not unusual. I’m getting a lot more clarity on my topic and the direction I’d like my research to go, though. I am enjoying the atmosphere, and getting to know some of my colleagues.

Sarah has started a job, and is doing well with that. Long hours and a long commute make it a challenge most weeks, but we’re learning how to manage. I should be starting work soon as well. I’ve been offered a part-time position with a local group of Methodist churches in London, which I’m looking forward to.

Thus far, we’ve not played tourist too much. We’re more interested in just settling in, and trying to develop a rhythm that we can sustain. There will be plenty of time to stumble into the sights and sounds of this great city as we go along.

I’ll write some more posts to talk about things I/we have found interesting about living here, as well as some other reflections I’ve had on church, culture, art, politics, etc. I haven’t figured out how I’m going to incorporate blogging into my work routines, but I have a growing sense that I’ll be posting more regularly in the weeks and months to come. I need to get back into the practice of writing more, even as I’m reading and learning and processing my research. Maybe I’ll even have something interesting to say.

If you’ve been watching this space, waiting for an update, thanks for your patience, and thanks for your interest.

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  1. Watch out for those Merhodist!

  2. Good to hear you guys are settling in! Sounds like you are square in the middle of some exciting things we can look forward to hearing about. It also sounds like you need to take full advantage of the good coffee surrounding you :).

  3. Glad to hear you are settling in and I’m looking forward to future posts. Miss you here “across the pond,” but maybe I will just have to make that dreaded (sense the sarcasm?) venture to see you. Love and blessing to you both!

  4. keep em coming

  5. Keep the updates coming. We will keep reading.

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