Africa Comes First

The preparations for the big move to London continue. Most of our belongings are either gone now, or will be in the next couple of days. We’re trying to nail down housing, say goodbye to friends, and tie up all the loose ends. But what I haven’t mentioned much, whether on this blog, or on other social media outlets is that when I get on an airplane in four days, it won’t be London bound.

First, I’m headed to Africa. I’ll be joining up with the cohort of students I help supervise through George Fox Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry in Global Missional Leadership. I’ve blogged about this program in the past. The cohort of students I work with met up for the first time about a year ago in the UK and Germany, and this time around, we’re going to be learning together in Nairobi, Kenya and Me’kele, Ethiopia. We’ll be joined by African theologians and practitioners, who will guide us through their contexts, and share with us some of the things they have learned while doing ministry in a postcolonial context.

I’m looking forward to seeing the students and faculty from George Fox again – it’s an amazing group of people! But I’m also excited to be able to see some folks in Nairobi that I met about 18 months ago, during my big trip around the world. While there, I stayed on the campus of what is now known as Africa International University (it used to be called Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, or NEGST). It’s a beautiful campus, with some wonderful faculty and staff members. Everyone was very gracious to me.

The Ethiopia leg of the trip will be brand new territory for me. I’m looking forward to it. While we’re there, we get to participate in some presentations by a George Fox professor who has done some exciting work with old Ethiopian biblical manuscripts. It should be a great time.

I’ll be gone for a couple weeks, and then return to Seattle . . . for all of 21 hours. And then I shall board another plane, this time with my beautiful wife, and this time headed for London. With all the commotion, it’s been too easy to focus on the UK part of my life. But as the title of the blog post says, Africa Comes First!

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  1. Farewell my friend. You will be in our prayers. Enjoy some great coffee while in Africa. Harrar in Harrar would be worth the trip for me :). Perhaps I (or we) will be able to see you In London. If not, we look forward to your return to Seattle.

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