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Is it really July, and I’m just now getting around to my first post of 2011? Yes and yes. I, like many other formerly regular bloggers, have tried to kick start some motivation to become more frequent and consistent in posting, but it hasn’t seemed to happen.

The last time I posted, it was to talk about some big changes – primarily, my marriage to Sarah. That took place a little over six months ago, and I’m very grateful. Meeting her was unexpected, as was everything that followed. It’s been a gift and a joy to be with her. And now our life together is taking another somewhat unexpected turn . . .

Ever since I finished my work on a Doctor of Ministry degree through George Fox Seminary in the Spring of 2009, I’ve been kicking around the thought of doing PhD work. As a part of my big trip around the world later that year, I even visited some universities in the UK to do some scouting of possible schools and research supervisors. I had the interest, but for a number of reasons, it just didn’t seem practical or realistic.

As it turns out, some of those reasons have shifted quite a bit. So, over the past few months, I started looking at programs and schools again. I looked into programs in several U.S. states, and a few different continents. I gathered some thoughts about research ideas. I had some conversations with friends that have insight. I looked around for people who are doing interesting work in areas I’m interested in.

After preparing a research proposal, making contact with a potential supervisor, applying to a school, and being interviewed by a department head, I received an unconditional offer of acceptance to begin PhD studies in September 2011 . . .

. . . at King’s College London. I will be researching under the supervision of Dr. Pete Ward in the Centre for Theology, Religion & Culture.

When I began considering this course, Sarah and I approached it thinking that we would remain here in Seattle, and I would do the research and writing on a “part-time” basis, and she would continue her new teaching position at Seattle University. But the more we thought about it, prayed about it, talked about it, the more things became clear that we should jump in with both feet.

So, in September, we’ll be packing up and moving to London for a few years.  We’re very excited about this, and have already begun the many preparations necessary to make this happen. It’s going to be tough (very tough!!) to leave family and friends in Seattle and San Diego, for sure, but we are confident about this shift, and looking forward to the adventure.

I guess I’ve just come up with a new set of things to blog about, right? More to come.

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  1. Nice! Jase, Loren, now you… make a place for me, mkay?

  2. Cool! It will be great to have you here!

  3. Rad. I am happy for you, Steve – what a sweet opportunity. Looking forward to following along on the blog.

  4. So fun…excited for you!

    Can I come visit? 🙂

  5. Awesome :). Glad you are making the big leap. It will suck not having you around Seattle, but will be good to see you pursuing the dream.

  6. Steve, great, great, stuff! so excited for you…want to hear more.

  7. Awesome! Congrats, Steve. What a great opportunity.

  8. Steve,

    May dawn find you awake and alert, approaching your new day with dreams, possibilities, and promises.
    May evening find you gracious and fulfilled.
    May you go into the night blessed, sheltered, and protected.
    May your soul calm, console, and renew you.

    Godspeed on your new journey!

  9. Congratulations Steve!

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