Daniel Blue Live at The Round

I haven’t really blogged about my community of faith here in Seattle, but as the time for me to be away from it approaches, I want to acknowledge the good folks at Church of the Apostles (COTA). I’ll write more about the church itself in another post, but one of the many beautiful things to come out of this quirky little band of God-chasers is a separate, non-religious non-profit organization called the Fremont Abbey Arts Center. Concerts, dance recitals, music lessons, and community events all take place at the Fremont Abbey. In fact, COTA, while being the “owner” of the Abbey, is only a minority user of it these days. Every month, the Abbey puts on its signature event, called The Round. A few musical artists/bands, poets, and visual artists all share the stage together, creating art that is engaging, interactive, and intimate. It’s been going for over six years now, with a very impressive list of performers.

Last month, The Round included Daniel Blue, lead singer/songwriter for Motopony, who just released a self-titled album (which is very, very good!). Daniel is a COTA guy as well. He played this song, which is lyrically compelling, and sounds pretty decent too. “The truth is you can’t live inside your head / And to be alone is worse than being dead / And that website won’t replace the breaking bread / That’s what she said.” So much for virtual relationships! Enjoy.

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  1. Love those lyrics

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