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Reading: A Habit I’ve Returned To

Yesterday, I spent a few minutes updating my Books page. Over the past few weeks, I seem to have gotten my reading mojo back, after a pretty long hiatus. After a few years of reading like mad for school, I was forced to basically stop reading in order to focus on writing my doctoral dissertation, which took most of my time between August 2008 and March 2009. Once I crossed that finish line, I went almost completely dormant in the literary sense. I’m not sure if it was burnout, but I apparently felt the need for a break. I read very little in what remained of 2009. Even while flying all over the world, spending a ridiculous amount of time on airplanes, I only managed to read one book on my smart phone’s Kindle app. But as quickly as my book lust went away, it seems to have returned. This […]

Sunday is Coming . . . But It’s Still Friday

It’s noon on Good Friday. Tonight I will gather with others to commemorate the death of Jesus of Nazareth. I will walk away mournful and filled with awe. Reformed Theology isn’t my personal cup of tea, but one of the petals on John Calvin’s TULIP means a lot to me on Good Friday. Total depravity – it is my condition, and it is the condition of the world. That is why I am mournful. But on Good Friday, my Rabbi, my hoped-for Messiah, Jesus is pinned to a cross to die. We non-Catholics love to emphasize Resurrection Sunday, and rightly so – it is our greatest hope. I once had a conversation with a church worship leader who was planning music for a Good Friday service that included celebratory songs about the Resurrection. I challenged this person to not lose focus on the darkness of Good Friday. For this one […]