Around the World Without a Map

While traveling around the world, I did something fairly uncharacteristic of me . . . I took a lot of pictures.  Usually, I’m pretty lousy at documenting my travel, but I did pretty well this time around – thanks mostly to the constant nagging of friends and family.  I put together a video of some of my top picks from the hundreds I shot along the way.  This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive telling of all the places I went and things I did.  They’re just some of my favorite photos.  I’m not a great photographer, but I stumbled into some shots that I’m pretty happy about.  Obviously, each picture tells a story of its own.  The background song – “Careful Not to Draw Your Maps in Pen & Ink” – is courtesy of my lovely friends, Ryan and Holly Sharp, a.k.a. The Cobalt Season.  That song is one of my all time favorites, and aptly describes some of the reasons I took this trip in the first place.  You should really go buy their music.

Enjoy . . .

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  1. Beautiful!!!

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