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Okay, Now What?

It’s been a busy few weeks for me since returning to the States from my trip abroad.  After flying in to San Diego and spending close to two weeks reconnecting with my body, the U.S. Pacific Standard Time zone, my family, and friends (in that order), I hopped in my car and spent a few days making my way back up the coast to Seattle.  I arrived over the weekend, and have spent the past few days reconnecting with the city I’ve come to love so much, the colder weather (even with relatively mild Winter temperatures, I find myself shivering from having spent most of the past few months in equatorial or summer climate zones), friends, and some of the best coffee the planet has to offer. It’s been a great couple of weeks worth of multiple homecomings, but I’ve only just begun making my rounds with friends here. In […]

Around the World Without a Map

While traveling around the world, I did something fairly uncharacteristic of me . . . I took a lot of pictures.  Usually, I’m pretty lousy at documenting my travel, but I did pretty well this time around – thanks mostly to the constant nagging of friends and family.  I put together a video of some of my top picks from the hundreds I shot along the way.  This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive telling of all the places I went and things I did.  They’re just some of my favorite photos.  I’m not a great photographer, but I stumbled into some shots that I’m pretty happy about.  Obviously, each picture tells a story of its own.  The background song – “Careful Not to Draw Your Maps in Pen & Ink” – is courtesy of my lovely friends, Ryan and Holly Sharp, a.k.a. The Cobalt Season.  That song is one […]

Disenfranchised Men

On the heels of this week’s New York Times story about Christian cage fighters and the nature of masculinity, The Daily Show ran the following story that shows that it’s not just men in the Church that are having a problem.  Poor, poor men. Perhaps this is an opportunity for the Church to give some leadership to the wider culture as to how to manage a peaceful transfer of power.  Watch and enjoy . . . and please feel free to laugh a little – it’s good for you. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Male Inequality Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Crisis

The Complexity of Reconciliation

A while back, I blogged about our need for more sophisticated thinking.  Well, during my recent visit to South Africa, I had some experiences that uncovered some of my simplistic notions about things like justice, forgiveness, reconciliation, and progress.  In the 80s and 90s, it was all too easy for the world to look at the evils of apartheid, and judge white South Africans guilty, and isolate the nation as much as possible until it made the necessary changes to usher in democracy.  And once Nelson Mandela was released from prison and elected to take the new government forward, it was all too easy to celebrate and look on and think, “Well, it’s good to see that problem is behind us.  Now we can be enlightened friends with each other.” Not so fast.  The black majority may have the votes, and the control of the political systems, but who has […]

Summer in Cape Town

It’s either a big shame or a really good thing that Cape Town, South Africa is so far away and relatively difficult to get to from North America.  Big shame, in that few folks from that continent will ever be able to go there and see this amazingly beautiful place.  Really good thing, in that if were more accessible, the place would likely get overrun with tourists and wrecked. My January timing for being in Cape Town meant I was there right in the middle of summer.  Warm, sunny weather.  Brilliant blue skies.  Stunning. Cape Town seems to have something for just about everyone. I stayed just outside of the downtown area in Green Point, where a new futbol stadium has just been built for the FIFA World Cup.  The stadium is a block away from beautiful beaches.  I went to thebeach and hung out, just overlooking the water.  Given […]