Update on George Fox Seminary’s New D.Min.

20081110_0105I’ve blogged and tweeted several times in the past about a new Doctor of Ministry program that George Fox Evangelical Seminary is getting ready to launch, and my involvement in it.  I’m still excited about that, but there has been an adjustment recently.  We were hoping to get things off the ground for the inaugural cohort of the Global Missional Leadership DMin this month in Nairobi, Kenya.  Unfortunately, we weren’t quite able to make some important milestone goals for that to happen, and we’ve pushed back the launch date to September of this year – and the first student meetup will now be in London.  We’ll still be going to Nairobi for a cohort meeting, it’ll just be later on in the program.

While it’s a little disappointing to push back the start date, I think it’s a good thing – it’ll give us the opportunity to add more students to the first group, and spread the good news about what we’re doing.

It’s affected my travel plans, but only a little bit.  I’m still going to be going to Nairobi, and still going to be visiting the seminary we are partnering with there.  As it turns out, I’ll even be able to meet one of the students who will be part of our first cohort, so I’m excited about that.  I’ll only be in Nairobi about half as long as I was going to be, though, which has relaxed the pace of some of my other travel destinations.  I’ve been able to add a day or two to some of my stops in various cities, which is really nice.

So, if you’re someone who has read about George Fox’s new DMin and were thinking about jumping in, there’s still time to be part of the history-making first cohort.  Drop me an e-mail if that’s you, and I’ll get you some more info.

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