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Like a good neighbor . . .

They say that good fences make good neighbors.  Apparently, there must be some other stuff that goes into that equation as well, because the fence between my house and my neighbors’ is leaning and sickly in spots.  We’ve tried to shore it up and secure the posts, but the occasional windstorm and some questionable construction by whoever built or repaired the thing in the past has our fence leaning.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have good neighbors.  Not at all. A few months shy of five years ago, I met J & D for the first time.  We pretty quickly became friends, and I’m really grateful for that.  I’ve moved enough times in life to have had a lot of neighbors, but none as good as these. I still remember the day that J tentatively told me that he had unexpectedly stumbled onto my blog.  We hadn’t talked much […]

Update time

Hello world.  It’s been a long time since I posted anything here.  Not because nothing has been happening.  Not because I haven’t had anything to say.  It’s more like I didn’t want to write a post that I would then have to go back and clarify because things had changed.  I’m at a very fluid point in life, as I will describe in brief below.  Some things that I thought were happening didn’t happen, at least not in the timing I thought they would.  Now it looks like they are. So, for those of you who have been persistent enough to keep coming to my blog, thanks.  I appreciate it, really.  I’m sorry I’ve been so mum.  I’m going to just rattle off a few things here to generally catch you up to speed, knowing that each of these items could easily justify a full post (or three) as a […]