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The whirlwind of life

I’m flopped her in my big squishy comfy chair, across the room from my lovely bride, but we’re both dialed in on our laptops for the moment.  I should be talking to her, given that I’ve barely seen her over the past couple of weeks.  I’m feeling a tad bit overwhelmed for the moment.  Having been away, and largely out of contact with phone and internet, I’ve gotten well behind on e-mail, important items on the task list, and voice mail messages.  I’ve got my work cut out for me over the next couple of weeks, just catching up.  Unfortunately, on top of catching up, I need to move forward on many fronts.  Our trip to India is right around the corner, which means in the next few weeks, I need to: – listen to about 25 hours worth of class lectures, write a short research paper, and take an […]

Cannon Beach Getaway

We (my co-conspirator staffers and I) rolled back into Seattle a couple of hours ago  after spending the past few days on the Oregon coast – Cannon Beach.  We got to attend our collegiate ministry network’s annual retreat for campus ministers and their families.  It’s a gorgeous location, but when I go to these things, I never, ever go sight-seeing.  Too many people I love sharing ministry with, but rarely get to spend time with.  Smiling faces of friends beats large beautiful rocks sticking out of the beach any day. We were privileged to be joined by Hugh Halter, author of the freshly published book The Tangible Kingdom.  I’m 20 pages away from finishing it, but I’ll plan on posting a quick book review soon.  Hugh is originally from Portland, Oregon, but now lives in Denver, where he helps lead a collective of missional communities called Adullum.  He’s a shoot […]

Quick apology – apply as needed

So, after about a week of downtime for some readers of this blog, I finally got my URL fixed.  If you’ve been trying to access this site via the address, and have been unable to reach me, I apologize.  Those reading via feedreaders or WordPress should have experienced no problems. For those who haven’t been able to access the blog, one thing you’ll notice is that there’s not a heckuva lot to catch up on.  I’m not very wordsy these days.  That reality is unlikely to change over the next couple of weeks . . . just so you know.

Have A Tat for Humanity

I may have mentioned this in passing, but this evening, we at The Purple Door get to participate in a fundraising event to benefit Habitat for Humanity.  Several months ago, one of the young, creative folks around here came up with the concept of hosting a big henna tattoo party that would raise money for Habitat, but we’d call it “Have A Tat for Humanity.”  The UW campus chapter of Habitat loved the idea, and so we’ve been working toward tonight’s event. So, we’ll be doing a nicely catered event at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture on campus, wearing some custom t-shirts (pretty cool design, doncha think?), and get our henna on.  We found a group of 6 or 7 professional henna artists to donate their time to the cause.  Hopefully, we’ll make lots of money for them, and have a fun time.

inter::mission . . . another update

The days are blowing by me sooooo fast around here. It seems like just a couple days ago, the inter::mission gang was over at The Mustard Seed house. Alas, that was two weeks ago, which means that last night was time for the next teach-in. As we move toward the end of the school year, this was our last time having an outside guest come in to share with us. My good buddy, Jeff Greer came to hang out with us last night. Jeff’s a church planting, kilt wearing, bartending, U2 loving, singer-songwriter who I met a couple years back. Good man, with a good, honest heart. He did some of his songs, so it was part music-in, part teach-in. He didn’t sing pretty songs, though. Not that I don’t like Jeff’s voice or guitar work . . . but as he shared with us, the past couple of years […]

It's a bit busy 'round here

Sorry for the quiet blog of late.  It seems that multiple things are converging on me at once, which does happen.  Lately I’ve been hunkering down on some school stuff that I just plain need to get out of the way before I plunge headlong into my dissertation writing this summer.  I’m reading hundreds of pages per week for school, and adding some “work” stuff on the pile for good measure.  I love reading and learning, but I do occasionally hit points where the eyes glaze over and I need a break – otherwise, a large chunk of what I’ve read just goes away, for lack of processing. Over the past weekend, a few of us did some physical training for our upcoming trip to India.  One of the potential activities we’ll be doing in Maharashtra is a 100K solidarity march with the farmers (that’s 62 miles).  Saturday, we walked […]

A little bit about why we're going to India

I’ve mentioned a few times over the past couple of months that a small group of us from The Purple Door will be traveling to India in June, as part of our inter::mission project. While the details of visas, travel insurance, plane tickets, immunizations, and fundraising have occupied a good bit of our time lately, it’s important that we not lose focus on why we’re going. One of the big reasons is that we place a high value on global connectivity, and are trying to take ownership of how our local lives and choices impact people and cultures around the world that we don’t even know about. We’re going to learn, to hear stories, to pray, to offer hope where we can. India is in dire need of hope. While the popular media in the West (especially in the U.S.) gives a lot of focus to the rapidly growing economy […]

Unwatchable actor/actress meme

I’ve been tagged by Eliacin, and have nothing better to blog about today, so I’ll just suck it up and do it.  I’m supposed to list five actors or actresses that would make me run from any movie they appear in.  As a necessary disclaimer, I frustrate many many people when talking about movies, because, well, I actually don’t see a ton of them.  They’re all, “Hey Steve, so remember in xyz movie, so and so did this and said that?”  And I’m like, “Uh, well, how about no . . . haven’t seen xyz, or its sequel.”  And they go, “What???  Everyone has seen that movie.”  And I usually end up saying something like, “My list of no-brainer-everyone-has-seen-it-except-for-me movies is impressive.”  So, then, here’s my list, in no particular order: Matthew McConaughey – I know, every woman alive thinks he’s so hot that his acting chops don’t matter . […]

inter::mission Road Trip

How far does one have to drive in order to qualify for a road trip?  Does the answer change if there are nine people in two cars?  Does the answer change if there are nine people, two crock pots full of vegetarian chili, three loaves of french bread, and a couple bowls of fruit salad?  Well, in the case of inter::mission, we’re calling it a road trip, which clocked in at a whopping 2.4 miles.  That’s the distance between The Purple Door and The Mustard Seed House. Last night, we had the great pleasure of spending a couple of hours with the community that lives in this beautiful home.  It has a breathtaking view of downtown to the south, and the Olympic mountains to the west.  But the thing that makes the home beautiful isn’t the architecture or the views, but the people that live in community there. They’ve chosen […]

The topic that just won't go away

Yes, we’re still on about this stuff. The pace of blogging seems to have slowed a little, but I think that may just be a brief lull to ponder what’s been said, and what’s left to mention. For some reason, I feel a need to say something for the record – this conversation about church, seminary, paid pastoral ministry, and money is not just another flavorofthemonth topic, which the blogosphere lights up with. Mike Bishop gives a brief mention to having been relationally connected with some allies in thinking this way since around 2002. That’s about the time I met some of the same group of folks, online at first, and then in person eventually (except for one or two, like Mike). In some ways it seems like forever ago, and in other ways, I stop and think, “What? I only started talking to these guys six years ago?” It […]