Letting others speak for me

O.k., I’ve been meaning to give some more commentary on Tuesday’s activities around the Seeds of Compassion event.  Apparently I’ve waited long enough for others to have written thorough and helpful commentary . . . so in the interest of avoiding redundancy, if you’re interested in finding out more about the Prayer Breakfast with the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, I would invite you to read more from Helen, Randy, or Rose.  Their reflections are very representative of my own, so I’m happy to endorse their thoughts.

You’ll also notice in reading their recaps, that they make much broader reference to the evening event, which was held at Vineyard church in Shoreline.  I talked about Sunil Sardar . . . but there were a few other folks on the bill – Rob Bell, Doug Pagitt, the aforementioned Rose, Todd Hunter, and a storyteller named Andrew Himes. 

Rose interviewed Rob, the recap of which has generated a lively conversation over on Eugene Cho’s blog.  Rose gave her take there, as well as on her own blog.

And now Rose has linked to some podcasts of the evening thing, should you be interested.  They’re available on the Vineyard website.

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  1. Nice job, Steve! Great to see you again! Way to lead folks into Sunil’s world, by the way. You’re a good man.

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