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Blogging the New Conspirators, part 5

Wow, I’m tired.  Loooong day.  We were rocking by 8:30am, and I just got home at about 10pm.  There was a little down time in mid-day, but not much. People were encouraged to get out and walk the streets of the Seattle this afternoon, specifically in four neighborhoods: Fremont, Rainier Valley, Greenwood, and Lake City.  I’ll confess – I didn’t follow the rules.  For one thing, I didn’t go with the official groups, but my crew from the Purple Door and I drove through Rainier Valley and Columbia City – we drove, not walked . . . it was raining, and we had some other stuff that we needed to get done, in preparation for tomorrow’s concert. This evening, Shane Claiborne gave his keynote.  Good stuff.  This was the first time I’ve seen him live.  Pretty much like what he writes, and the podcasts I’ve heard of him.  It was […]

Blogging the New Conspirators, part 4

“We cannot fully recover until we help the society that made us sick recover.” ~painted on the wall of the New Jerusalem community in Philadelphia, as reported by Shane Claiborne

Blogging the New Conspirators, part 3

Just finished lunch. Attended a workshop on some missional movements going on in Latin America. Very, very exciting stuff. I’m really stoked that much of the renewal of the theology and expressions of church is getting outside of the Western world. Go check out La Red del Camino. I’m really hoping/counting on there being an mp3 of that session available – I’ll post it here, if so. I’m off now to an afternoon workshop – “Creating Support Groups for Jesus Radicals,” led by Mark Van Steenwyk.

Blogging the New Conspirators, part 2

Sitting here with Mark Van Steenwyk. Morning session with some great music, and a panel discussion with Mark Scandrete, Tom Yaccino, Kathy Escobar, and Tom Morey. They spoke to various streams in the new way of approaching faith in the way of Jesus – the emerging church, the monastic, the mosaic, and the missional. I really should unpack all those things, but no time for now. Gotta head off to the first workshop session. I’m going to Tom Yaccino’s talk, on his missional expressions of church in the Latin American context. More to come later.

pre-conference quickies

Hi all.  I’m getting ready to head out the door, but I wanted to note a couple of things.  First, some of those people I linked in my previous post will be blogging the conference, so check them out for updates. Second – a tip of the hat to the conference organizers.  In the obligatory goodie bag that was handed out at registration, there was a plastic travel mug.  During the announcement time, they said, “You can drink as much coffee as you want here . . . but you’ll have to do it with those mugs.”  They didn’t want there to be tons of paper/styro cups generated from this event, so they provided mugs . . . I think they even said that they were made from recycled materials.  NICE TOUCH FOLKS!!

Blogging the New Conspirators, part 1

Just got back from the opening sessions of The New Conspirators.  Really good vibe in the room.  Tom Sine had some opening remarks, Christine Sine led out in some prayers, and all the workshop presenters gave a quick intro of themselves and their topics for the conference.  I couldn’t get too far beyond the registration table before getting caught in the tractor beam of the book tables.  Lots of good stuff there, including Tom Sine’s book, which has the same name as the conference title . . . coincidence?  But then I saw Shane Claiborne’s new book, Jesus For President – a pleasant surprise indeed, given that I didn’t even think it was available yet.  I liked Shane’s Irresistable Revolution, but I was actually more interested in seeing the graphic art work on literally every page of the book . . . done by Ryan and Holly Sharp, a.k.a. 2/3 […]

My Kind of Election Coverage

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early HT: onegoodmove

World Wide Telescope

You may have seen this around the web already today, but yesterday at the TED Conference, Microsoft unveiled a project that will be available this spring as a free download – the World Wide Telescope.  Watch the presentation here.  I’m no astronomy buff . . . but this thing is astonishing.

Forecast: Either Heavy or Light Blogging Ahead

With my astute forecasting skills, I could be a weather man, yes? As of this evening, I’ll be spending the next couple/few days at The New Conspirators Festival.  I will try to blog the event, which may mean an annoying amount of words here.  Of course, I’ve tried the whole live-blogging a conference thing before, and failed miserably.  I’m one of those people that will buy my ticket to a three day conference, just so I can stand in the hallways talking to people during the sessions.  If I can figure out a way of taking good notes and putting them into actual prose-y sentences, I’ll do it. I’m really looking forward to this event.  I’ve got several friends to catch up with, and I’m looking forward to meeting several more.

On honesty and wisdom

I was talking with one of my team members yesterday about the nature of blogging and being wise with saying (or not saying) things that will get us into trouble.  We talked about authenticity in our communities of faith, and the tension that “professional Christians,” i.e. church staff types feel.  I told her that I decided a long time ago that I’m willing to get fired, as long as it’s for something good. For one small example, though I will occasionally write a venting kind of post on the ‘ol blog here, and say some things I might regret later, I’m pretty careful not to interject profanity.  Let me be perfectly transparent with you, dear reader: words that many would consider offensive do escape my lips from time to time . . . but committing those gems to writing and publishing on the web: a) is unnecessary (for me), b) […]