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inter::mission rolls on

In the middle of a busy week, where much of my time has been spent thinking about the fires in SoCal, our work with inter::mission here in Seattle moves on. We had another one of our teach-ins last night. One of our staffers, Lindsay, threw down on some Poppy Seed Chicken for dinner – outstanding! Our student from Turkey made some yummy Turkish coffee, too. Then my good friend, Ed Park, pastor of Sanctuary Church, led us in a conversation about spiritual formation and mission. He really nailed it. He tied the dynamics of formation into the theology of mission in a way that was holistic and real. Quite honestly, it was very helpful to me personally, on the same level as Dallas Willard in some ways. Ed has been doing missional, relational, and incarnational church planting in the city for a while now, and it’s evident. If I could […]

SoCal fire, pt. 4

I wasn’t able to pay close attention to news updates yesterday as I had the previous couple of days. The fires continue, but the weather has begun a more helpful turn, so hopefully that will give the firefighters an edge. Nothing new to report on our immediate family and friends. Everyone is safe and sound, and as far as we know, they’re all back home . . . which is more than can be said for a lot of others, in particular, those who have lost their homes. O.k., time for a rant or two. RANT ONE:In the national as well as local (San Diego) news coverage of this event, over and over, I have heard little off-hand comparisons of this situation with the hurricane Katrina disaster. Perhaps its the scale of evacuations, perhaps its the fact that many evacueess are at a major stadium. Whatever the case, with my […]

SoCal fire, pt. 3

I actually don’t have any news to report regarding my immediate family or friends right now – fires are still raging, but things seem to be settling a bit. The weather is improving – less wind, more humidity. The main thing I wanted to note here is on a little different level. Despite my consistent venting and whining about my denomination, it is times like these that make me more satisfied. I was watching the San Diego news online this morning, and they were talking about the Qualcomm Stadium evacuation center, where thousands are being housed. They specifically noted the fact that my denom was there with its mobile kitchens, feeding lots and lots of people. I know from seeing them in action firsthand in New Orleans that they wear some butt-ugly yellow t-shirts, but when I see those things on TV, I’m glad that I get to be a […]

SoCal fire, pt. 2

Being so far away from family and friends in the fire affected areas in San Diego is hard – not as hard as being there, mind you, but hard. This situation is astonishing. The fire moved so fast. Michelle’s folks are doing o.k. – they decided to wait it out in their house, and seem to be in a sliver of land that the fire burned around . . . probably due to the fact that it all burned just a few years ago, and there wasn’t as much fuel. We’ve been watching a San Diego TV station that’s been streaming their coverage online. That helps. Keep praying. UPDATE 8:50am: A large mountain about half a mile to the north of Michelle’s folks may be catching fire. This mountain didn’t burn in 2003, so lots of old brush there. They’re watching it closely, and may evacuate. UPDATE 5:15pm: Michelle’s parents […]

SoCal on fire . . . again

Four years ago (almost to the day, actually), Southern California was on fire. Michelle and I came very close to losing our home – we had charred land to within 20 feet of our front porch. Unfortunately, Michelle’s folks had a different outcome. Their home of 30 years was burned. They spent the next two years rebuilding. And now, the fire’s back. They haven’t evacuated just yet, but the fire is getting closer. Heavy winds are expected to drive this fire for at least the next two days. By the time this is over, many people will have lost their homes. Pray for the safety of people who are leaving, and for the safety of the firefighters and police.

Prayer for Dan Kimball

Others around the blogosphere have mentioned this already, but here I add my prayers for peace to Dan Kimball and his family. Dan is one of my classmates, and well known all around the emerging church. Dan’s father had a fall last week and hit his head. He died today. Married over 50 years. Devastating to all. Pray for Dan and his family.

inter::mission update

Those of you who know me, or have been tracking with this blog over the past couple of years know that much of my work has involved building a thing we’re calling inter::mission. It’s a dream that began before I was hired into my position, so I don’t take credit for it, except that I’ve had the fun of giving vision and some structure to it. I won’t go through everything that’s involved (you can learn more about it on the inter::mission website if you want). Basically, it’s a live-in experience for students (and a few non-students) which attempts to re-orient life around our identity in the Kingdom of God, and our joining with God in mission. About two years ago I began work on this thing, and have been working to build it ever since. It’s morphed a few times from its original form, but we officially kicked the […]

Liberalism Gone Crazy in a Major Denomination

Over the past ten to fifteen years, my denomination has engaged in a discussion of how to read the Bible. This has produced a “victory” for those who favor a view of inerrancy. The Bible is literally God’s word, and is completely without error. Meanwhile, those who take even a slightly moderated view of this position are described as liberals and borderline wack-jobs. Among many issues that these liberals get taken to task on is a sense in which they approach scripture with an agenda in their back pockets, and read those agendas into the texts in order to get them to say whatever they want them to say. Given the “victory” of the biblical “conservatives” over their left-leaning conversation partners, imagine my surprise at reading a report regarding a poll recently taken by one of the denomination’s agencies. An outside polling group was contracted to take a survey of […]

Campus Ministry in Middle America

Is Missouri considered part of the Bible belt? Not sure. It’s Midwest-y, and I thought pretty conservative. Anyway, if I were to ask anyone familiar with college campus religious life what the top campus religious organizations at a college in Missouri, what responses would I get? Campus Crusade for Christ? InterVarsity Christian Fellowship? Well, apparently, at Missouri State University in, well, Missouri, the 2nd largest campus religious organization is . . . wait for it . . . The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Indeed. If you haven’t heard of them, or their noodly appendaged object of worship, they’ve been around for a couple years now. But apparently, they’ve gotten some traction in the heartland. Interesting stuff. You can check out their Facebook Group here. HT: onegoodmove

Free Burma