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Working for "The Man"

Today was my first day back in the saddle with my local ministry context after over a week spent in meetings in denominational environments. In my last post, I mentioned a quick trip to Atlanta. For the past few days I was in some regional denominational meetings in the Portland, OR area. By the time my car rolled into my driveway late yesterday afternoon, I was definitely ready to be home, and back in my element. Over the past several days, I’ve spent some good time with some really terrific people – some of whom I would count as close friends. But being in the buildings, and seeing the kinds of money and mentality that “we” employ in the name of our organizational mission and purposes can be really frustrating. At one point yesterday I found myself quite agitated and angry. I don’t need to get into a gripe session […]

I'm pretty sure I'll wake up soon . . .

. . . and when I do, I’ll wonder where my summer went. Wow, it’s continued to be super busy. Transitioning at the Purple Door, welcoming new staff, cranking on school, etc. At the end of last week, I had a quick trip to Atlanta for some meetings at one of the denom’s big mission centers. It was a good trip – got to see some George Fox school buds for dinner, and the work project at the denom went very well. I’m quite certain at this point that one of the key things that’s kept me sane has been my renewed “efforts” in the area of Sabbath. I’ve not been perfect, mind you, but more often than not, I’ve been able to significantly mellow out and spend some down time reflecting, talking at a reasonable pace with my lovely wife, and realizing that the world will still be waiting […]

A little piece of good news

Al Jazeera is reporting that two of the Korean hostages have been released by the Taliban. Keep praying for the others.

Where Do You Get Your News?

For the past several days, Eugene Cho has been keeping us up to date on the hostage situation involving a Korean relief worker team. He has asked many times over why this story hasn’t been covered more widely by the major U.S. media outlets. Just to confirm this, in the past five minutes I’ve scanned a few news sites (their front pages only) for mentions of the situation. Fox News? Nope. CNN? Nope. US News & World Report? Yes, if you’re willing to scroll to the bottom of the page. Time? Yes, a link at the top of the page. Of the pages I’ve scanned so far, you know who has the most prominent and eye catching emphasis of the story? Try Al Jazeera. The UK edition of BBC also gets honorable mention. Actually, when I look for news headlines, I do so via my RSS reader, and I have […]

Big Government at the Local Level

I don’t blog politics much. It’s not that I am apathetic, but rather that I’m quite ambivalent and distrustful of political parties and their agendas of power – I think most politicians may start their careers with the best of intentions, but inevitably get sucked into the gamesmanship and insider dealings far too easily. I’m totally not ready to jump into the 2008 presidential election coverage yet – wake me up when two things happen: 1) We’re LESS THAN twelve months away from election day. 2) There are less than about four viable candidates from each party to choose from. As things stand now, I’m pretty sure that everyone from Hillary Clinton to George Clooney to Don Imus to my soon-to-retire mailman are in the race. I remember the days when the Republican party was all about reducing the size of government. Nowadays, of course, our Republican president has developed […]

Use an RSS Reader

I do hope that the few fine people who read this blog do so via an RSS reader of some sort. Mainly because I just don’t seem to be posting much this summer, and asking people to manually drop in to the actual site is probably asking too much. I’m still in the midst of a summer school slam. Last night I got to the 99% point of completion for one class I’ve taken. Sadly, not 18 inches from my right elbow, is a stack of 7 books waiting to be cracked for my next class. Some good stuff’s happening these days. But I’m just not in the position to process it publicly in blog format . . . too much other stuff to get done. I’m already feeling guilty about the ten or so sentences I’ve taken the time to write here. Some day soon, I shall return.