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10 years ago today . . .

. . . I woke up for the last time as a single man. . . . I put on a tuxedo. . . . I walked into a church alone. . . . I walked out of the church with a beautiful bride on my arm. . . . I began a life that’s been better than I could have dreamed.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Geez, man, it’s not even winter yet, and we here in Seattle are getting a dose of cold, snowy weather. In the past couple years since we moved here, we’ve had light snow maybe three or four times, which lasts a few hours and then goes away. Not this time!! Yesterday evening, here’s what I saw out on the back deck. Anyway, it did create some mayhem on the roads. Lots of people stranded on freeways, abandoning their cars, sliding down hills. And, as I said, it didn’t go anywhere today. I think the high at our house was 33F. Lows in the teens tonight. Neither Michelle, nor I made it in to work today. Maybe we’ll get brave tomorrow. For now, there’s a fire going, and we’re just hangin’ out.

A Church Building That's Environmentally Friendly?

  An American architect designed and built this here building for a church in Rome.  It is a white concrete structure that has a coating on it that was made to be self-cleaning, and minimize maintenance.  As it turns out, some tests indicate that not only does it deliver on that goal, but it actually “eats” smog.  Apparently, the coating contains titanium dioxide, and helps to destroy pollutants in car exhaust.  Read more here.

Go buy books

Bill, your friend with a bookstore is having a post-conference clearance sale.  Tasty titles at killer prices.  Go here and see for your own self!

New Orleans . . . beginning to recover, but only beginning

I did a quick trip to New Orleans over the weekend.  Landed at 2:30 Friday afternoon, and flew out 7:15 Sunday morning.  I was at a conference doing some recruiting (again), but got to drive around town just a little bit.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to Chalmette, where I was able to spend Spring Break with our college students earlier this year.  Still, the parts of town I went through were significantly under water and significantly damaged by Katrina.  New Orleans continues to be in shambles.  But one definite difference I noticed was that as opposed to 6 months after the fact, there are now lots and lots of the FEMA trailers sitting in front of peoples’ houses, indicating that they’re back on their property and at least in a process toward rebuilding.  More grocery stores are open and looking normal, more restaurants around town are in business, more […]

Better than Fair Trade?

Just read a blog post over at Caffeist about a new coffee shop over in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.  It’s the first shop for the for-profit co-op call Equal Exchange, that’s been in the fairly traded coffee market 5 years longer than Transfair, the most widely known Fair Trade organization. Interesting little article, and it sounds like Equal Exchange’s quality is on par with some of the best in Seattle.  Sounds like I’ll be finding my way to Ballard soon . . .

A Seattle Pastor that actually sounds like Jesus

Rose Swetman, co-pastor of the Vineyard in Shoreline, WA – that’s just north of Seattle for you out-of-towners has written an open letter to Mark Driscoll in the wake of yet another debacle his crass bravado has created. [Read the letter here] Rose is to be celebrated for her wise, measured, and humble approach.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for a little over a year now, and have been to her church multiple times.  She’s a godly woman, who is powerful in all the right ways.  I pray her letter gets read and respected by its recipient.

The Forgotten Ways

Just finished my weekly school chat with my cohort.  Fun times.  This week, we were honored to be joined by Alan Hirsch, co-author of the awesome book, The Shaping of Things to Come, and solo author of the forthcoming The Forgotten Ways.  Good guy, and very good book.  A lot of it is an expansion of stuff that was in the other book, but he throws down some very good new concepts as well.  Without giving too much away, he makes a couple of really good arguments. First, he discusses a latent missional impulse that lies within all followers of Jesus, and all communities of the Kingdom.  Awakening that impulse is the major task of our time.  When it happens, there will be movement. However, he argues that movement will be toward the edge of chaos, where real change will go down.  Equilibrium brings death.  Chaos ignites energy within us to be […]

Gotta love Monday

I’m thirty minutes into this week, and already feel a bit overwhelmed.  Oh yes, and tired.  24 hours ago I was returning a rental car in San Diego after taking a grand tour of SoCal last week.  I was on a recruiting trip for inter::mission, and visited the campuses of California Baptist University, Azusa Pacific University, Biola University, and Pt. Loma Nazarene University.  It was a super busy time, and I wasn’t able to see nearly enough friends, but I got to crash for a few nights with my parents and hang out a little with the family, which was good (long overdue).  I did get to have dinner with some quality young adults one evening.  Oh yeah, and I had heard about the legendary Archives Bookshop in Pasadena, which isn’t too far down the road from Azusa Pacific, so I stopped in –  they were having a sale, and had […]

A weekend with friends

Well, here it is Thursday, and I’m just getting around to blogging about last weekend.  It was a good time – hectic, but fun.  It was a very rare convergence of worlds for me.  I had friends from my past, school freinds, work friends all in the same place at the same time.  It really was fun, but I was left feeling like I didn’t spend enough time with any of the above.  Oh well.  Once again I’ve been reminded of my own limitations. It was truly good for Michelle and I to host our friends Jason and Brooke Evans.  They’re warm and loving, agitate against the norm, and make friends everywhere they go – including people they aren’t eye to eye with.  We also got to host Matt Casper, a fairly new friend, but a witty, clever guy.  He’s just written a book with Jim Henderson that you can […]