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Street ministry in Seattle

Yesterday in the alley adjacent to the Purple Door I met Craig. He was assisting a mutual acquaintance. He’s a very humble, quiet man, but with a huge heart. He’s been working with and advocating for the homeless on the streets of Seattle for 19 years. Wow. If you’ve never worked with these folks, you can’t even imagine the enormity of that. He does it because he can’t not do it – it is truly how he follows Jesus. Beautiful. The kind of Kingdom guy I need to learn from. This morning I did a little snooping around on the web, and found his bio here, and an excerpt from a book he wrote here. I’m looking forward to more talks with Craig. Hopefully it’ll also lead to some ministry partnerships.

Embarrassed American

The more I learn about the role the U.S. plays in economic and cultural imperialism around the world, the more that cheesy Lee Greenwood song, “Proud to be an American,” makes me wince. But this post isn’t about politics, it’s about pop culture. If ever there was a time for us to make a cultural statement of response to what it means to be American, now would seem to be it. So you’d think that the Dixie Chicks would have good company singing their protest songs. Alas, they don’t. And their little blip on the news screens in the past week was completely overwhelmed by what? A poorly executed film adaptation of a novel, and American Idol. I’ve already written about the film, so here we go with the Idol thing. For the record, I watched all of 90 minutes of the whole season, 60 of which was the final […]

Planned spontaneity

As I mentioned a week or two ago . . . A Spontaneous Off The Map Event Brian McLarenVineyard Community Church – 17712 15th NE Shoreline WA 98155June 13th 9:30 -11:30 AM$20 per person at the doorCoffee/pastries/fruit will be served Brian will talk about his new book The Secret Message of Jesus, evangelism and take questions on any topic.

On pop culture

It seems like everywhere I look these days, there’s a lot of hype and noise over this new TV show or that new movie or some new band/artist or some old band/artists’ new CD. If you’ve lived in our culture for the past few decades, it’s all become pretty standard fare for you. And yet I find myself almost entirely bored by it all. Maybe the noise is getting louder lately because we’ve been so inoculated to it over the course of our lifetimes. And yet, not much is happening. I think I’m just itchy for the next breakthrough. I felt that way about the music scene in the late 80s, and thankfully some punk influenced Seattle bands broke through. Of less interest to me, but of an equally churning nature was the whole “Reality TV” thing several years ago. Movies? This summer looks a little better, but not much […]

Postmodern Negro's take on the Da Vinci Code

. . . As it turns out Jesus’ descendants are white Europeans. No surprise there! Racial Constantinianism is a mutha! Well done. [read more]

Movie Controversy

So I saw the Da Vinci Code movie with some college students last night. First time I’ve seen any movie on opening night for years and years. Now, I’ve read the book, so none of the controversial stuff was a surprise to me. However, aside from Tom Hanks’ hair, in my opinion, the thing people should complain the most about is that the movie isn’t very good, and not that it says this, that, or the other thing about Jesus or the Catholic church. Another way of saying this is that it’s hard to get offended by stuff when the story doesn’t make you care enough about it. I didn’t think it was a horrible movie. But having read the book, I just thought that it may be one of those stories that just doesn’t translate well to film. Nice try . . .


Every so often we all end up in a space where we’re tired and overloaded and perhaps feeling a little directionless – kinda not sure if all the stuff we’re working so hard to accomplish is really worth accomplishing in the first place. Every so often it’s good to let the guard down a bit on the blog, too. So here I am saying that yep, I’m in a bit of a funky space right now. Nothing too tragic going on, nothing overwhelming. And because I’m a good Christian, I’m obligated to say this: “I’ll be fine. It’s just a phase. It’s not that bad.” I actually do feel o.k. about stuff – no false hope there. In a time like this, it’s just a little harder to get out of bed, get to work, and put the smile on. The trick for me at these times is to slow […]

A good end to a good week

Well, there went another week, just like that. It was a good one, though – got to meet John, and then Chris. Better yet, I got to meet them at two of Seattle’s quality coffee establishment (the kind that don’t start with the letters “S” or “T”). This morning, Michelle and I drove to the airport and picked up Michelle’s mom, Marge, who’s in town for Mother’s Day weekend. The weather’s gorgeous, and spring has sprung. Good times indeed. Oh, and avocados were on sale at the grocery store, so I get to make my famous guacamole this weekend. Can’t get much better than that. Peace to you . . . and word to your mothers.

I've made a decision

Beginning today, I will use my fame and influence only for good.

Coming to town

Jim Henderson gave me the heads up on a little secret the other day . . . Seattle’s own Elliott Bay Book Co. will be hosting Brian McLaren next month to talk about his new book. While he’s here, Jim’s setting up a little coffee chat with Brian, so any Seattle types out there, stay tuned for the details. Jim also gave me some clues about this year’s Generous Orthodoxy event. I met him at the location of the event (which may be a surprise to some) . . . it’s gonna be good. Once again, stay tuned for details to come.