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Some school ramblings

I just posted the following in a journal that one of my school classes requires of me. I thought I’d share here as well . . . The ongoing nature of colonialism has struck me in new ways by reading Philip Jenkins’ “The Next Christianity.” As the months have turned into years, the war in Iraq has demonstrated with increasing clarity how arrogant we in the United States are. It’s not so much a matter of whether or not we should have gone to war in the first place (which, of course, there’s a raging debate over), but that we went into this endeavor with a tragically poor understanding of the real world situations we would face, as well as those we would stir up by doing what we’ve done. That same arrogance/lack of understanding is true of the church. We have taken far too much pride in our financial […]

Sex Pistols prove they're still punk

I’ve never been a huge punk rock guy, but always admired the punk ethos from a distance. Well, the legendary British band, the Sex Pistols has just given a thumbs down (or was that a middle finger up?) to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their website says, “We’re not your monkeys, we’re not coming. You’re not paying attention.” I am quite amused by this, really. I never got the concept of a hall of fame in the first place . . . especially in Cleveland. I will say that if I had a day to kill and I was stuck in Cleveland, I’d probably go – because what else are you gonna do there? But the point of it all escapes me. Especially when it comes to punk rock, where I guess some would say that if you were famous enough to get elected, you know you’ve sold […]

Going to New Orleans

Well, I just got off the phone with the airline ticket agent, and got travel booked for our Spring Break trip to do relief work in New Orleans. Originally I thought we might take seven or eight people. Well, word got out a bit . . . so I just bought air travel for 19! Wow. Lots more work this way, but that’s a good problem, right? Of course, to put things in perspective, tomorrow night the Purple Door will be the temporary home for a group of college students from Louisiana doing their Spring Break mission trip in the Northwest. They’re bringing 24 folks . . . and that’s only a third of their total group. The other 50 or so will be doing some projects over in Bremerton. We’re stoked, though – since they’re from Louisiana, and our normal Tuesday student gathering happens to fall on Fat Tuesday […]

Improv Everywhere . . .

I was listening to an archived audio file from one of my favorite radio shows, This American Life, and they did a story on a New York group called Improv Everywhere. Basically it’s a group of people that do random “missions” in normal places – like a rooftop “U2” concert, right across the street from Madison Square Garden, an hour before the real U2 concert was supposed to begin; or a “cell phone symphony” with 60 cell phones in a book store’s bag check area. They’ve got the written accounts of their adventures, and even some video files on their site. Brilliant creativity, just for the sake of making people smile.

Setting the record straight

While I was driving the three hours south to Portland for my class last week, I was thinking about random stuff along the way – including this here blog. It occurred to me that I regularly fire off shots of criticism about my denomination. To be clear, I rarely actually name the denomination to which I belong, and that’s an important point to me – because in talking to people from multiple other denoms, it’s pretty clear to me that my denom is not in a class of its own when it comes to doing silly things. It almost doesn’t matter which denom I belong to – mainly because most denoms are highly dysfunctional. With all that said, based on the number of negative things I’ve written about my denom, the question could/should rightly be raised, “Sooooo, why are you still in the denomination? Are you a hypocrite for saying […]

A Sweet Weekend in Portland

O.k., that title there is downright cheesy, but I’m tired and lack for creativity at the moment. It refers to Leonard Sweet, who taught the class I attended at George Fox Seminary this weekend. Lots of good thoughts coming out of that. Prior to this class, I had only read one of Len’s books. He’s very widely read and brings these things together in interesting ways. I think one thing I’d say about him is that he writes (and then speaks) good sentences. Reading his stuff and listening to his lectures reminded me of when I used to write music reviews for magazines – basically I would listen to a CD and come up with one or two sentences (sometimes only one or two words), around which I’d write the rest of the review. I got the feeling that that’s how Len works – maybe that has more to do […]

Left Behind . . .

Betcha my day's more fun than yours . . . 2 hours at a time

Here’s a part of how I will spend time today: 2 hours – in the car, commuting to appointments2 hours – in a staff meeting2 hours – in a dentist chair2 hours – in a school chat room online2 hours – in another school chat room online

What Andrew Jones (a tall skinny kiwi) would say to American emerging churches

Beware of those who say they say “truth” and yet are not honest. The real truth-tellers, who you will know by the fruit of godly lives, will also be committed to telling the whole story, whether it is what their audience wants to hear or not, and they will be quick to repent if they are wrong. Beware of those who say they say “truth” but are no longer approachable by people of lower standing or accountable to the wider church. Beware of those who say “church” but have rejected those parts of the family of God that no longer resemble themselves. Beware of those who say “God’s Word” and yet preach the thoughts of humans, who very rarely allow the reading of the Bible in a public place for fear of what might happen if ordinary people encountered the Scriptures WITHOUT their particular interpretation. Beware of those who say […]

Name dropping

I had a conversation with Michelle over the weekend about whether or not I should write a post about a funny little experience I’ve had over the past couple of months. It would involve some very conspicuous name dropping, though, and I don’t want to be a cheeseball. Here’s the non-name-dropping version. Last year I read a book that I found interesting – interesting enough to write a mini-review of the book on my blog. Whadya know, but, a week or two later, there was a comment on that post . . . from the book’s author. I had my doubts at first, but verified that it was indeed the real deal. I ended up e-mailing this person with some thoughts about the comment, and further thoughts about the book. Over the weekend, I got an e-mail reply from the author. Pretty wacky, but pretty cool, too. I’m not a […]