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One more post on this, and then I'm done . . . for now

Brian McLaren has posted a response to Mark Driscoll’s response to him (got that?). I thought it fair to put it up here. Interesting that Brian never uses Driscoll’s name in his response – seems like a wise move. With that said, my intention is to back quietly away from this particular discussion. After re-reading my post a few times and thinking about it a bit, I don’t really like the things it brought out in me. While I didn’t say anything that I don’t believe, I came across angrily because I was, in fact, angry. And while anger in and of itself is not sinful, I am not usually as disciplined as I would like to be with how I handle anger. I entered into the wrongdoing of others with my response. This is why I tend toward being a pacifist – and not just in the war vs. […]

The skinny on Mark Driscoll

After my previous post on Mark Driscoll – which may have come across as overly angry to some, allow me to redirect your attention to the comments made by the international blogstar, Andrew Jones. Andrew is the reason I started this blog almost four years ago. He’s smart, witty, gracious, humble and he gets it in so many ways. He knows Mark, and knows Brian McLaren and Doug Pagitt too. For the record, this issue has become a big fat stinky mess all over the blogosphere. I would start naming off some of the sites that discuss it, but I don’t have the time.

Congratulations on being so humble

So, I saw a link in my feedreader a week or so ago that Mark Driscoll, pastor of Seattle’s hipster megachurch, Mars Hill, has started a blog. So far, he has 5 posts. Here’s a synopsis:Post #1: Hi I’m Mark Driscoll, yada yada yadaPost #2: The day I had lunch with Robert SchullerPost #3: The day I had lunch with Ravi ZachariasPost #4: The day I had lunch with Chuck ColsonPost #5: My sermon podcasts have been downloaded over 1 million times And then today, a rant in response to Brian McLaren’s non-statements about his non-stand on the homosexuality issue showed up here. I’ve met Mark Driscoll multiple times, and I think one of those times involved lunch (file that under my future post about “The day I had lunch with Mark Driscoll”). I found him to be a personable, unassuming guy who genuinely cares about people . . . […]

So now, let me get this straight . . .

. . . the U.S. went to war in Iraq in order to remove a “terrorist” from power and bring about reforms related to democracy. Meanwhile, in Palestinian democratic elections, a “terrorist” organization that the U.S. refuses to talk to was just elected to power. Yeah, right, good luck with that.

Theology in the emerging church

Maybe I’m late in coming to this party or something, but it seems like there’s been a but more talk in the blogosphere about theological stands in the emerging church scene. Mind you, there’s not a lot of actual theology being discussed out there – mostly just references to theological positions that various folks are taking. When I first got into this conversation five years ago, it was mainly just the people that wanted to do regular church differently, and the people who wanted to do simple/organic/house church. Now we still have the simple church folks doing their thing (but doing it quietly as we simple church people ought to!), but the other category has developed several sub-categories. The sub-categories are actually mainly similar to the sub-categories of the rest of the mainstream church of North America – the emerging types just have various configurations of facial hair, tattoos, and […]

Mayor of "Chocolate City" . . .

Ray Nagin, the infamous mayor of New Orleans is having his words from last week – you know, the ones where he says New Orleans would some day be a chocolate city again – memorialized with some merchandice. Go to for t-shirts, hats, and bumper stickers. Lovely.

Evangelism and Discipleship Class

Ahhhh, it was a long couple of days at George Fox, but very good, as expected. Todd Hunter was, well, as good to listen to as I had hoped/expected. He’s not a big name dropper, but when a guy talks about the friendships he’s had with Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, Eugene Peterson, John Wimber, George Barna, and on and on and on, it’s a little overwhelming. And as a very natural by-product, it’s clear that Todd is a deeply spiritual man, with a generous spirit. Todd was gracious enough to remember me from previous conversations and follow up with where I’m at and what I’m doing. When I told him that I’m starting the DMin at George Fox this year (which is what he’s finishing up now), he gave me some hints as to what to expect. It both freaked me out and got me excited at the same time. […]

Super Bowl Baby!

The Seattle Seahawks just finished their complete shutdown of the Carolina Panthers and are Super Bowl bound. I guess we picked the right time to move to Seattle, eh? It’s gonna be fun around here for the next couple of weeks. It should be a really good game. The Pittsburgh Steelers are very hot right now, and have won some tough games on the road. Detroit is a heckuva lot closer to Pittsburgh than Seattle, too, so I’m guessing it’ll feel like a home game for the Steelers. Whatever the case, I do think it’s a great matchup, and should provide a great reason to watch . . . even when the commercials aren’t on.

My weekend ahead

Wow. I’ve been way to wacked out busy to think much about it, but I’m beginning to get excited. Early tomorrow morning I’ll hit the road and drive to Portland to take a class at George Fox Seminary taught by the fine man, Todd Hunter. It’ll be my first time on campus at Fox, which I’m really looking forward to. Plus, it’s been way too long since I shared air space with Todd. I’m stoked to be able to hear his wisdom for a couple of days. But then I’ll have homework . . . I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

Fundamentalist success stories

I had the great pleasure of hanging out with a new friend over some potato corn chowder this afternoon. He’s a philosophy major at UW. Very cool, bright, sincere guy. He was kind enough to tell me his story. I won’t go into great detail here because I didn’t get his permission, but he’s seen the ugly side of the Christian religion – the fundamentalist side. Behave according to a specific set of black and white standards, submit to a hierarchical and rigid leadership structure, bend to the will of a manipulative control game. This worked so well for him that he went in search of some other ways of living. He still wants to be moral and live well – rarely have I observed such a deep drive for goodness in a person of his age. It’s just that he doesn’t see that being compatible with normal Christian values. […]