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I think I just at the best burrito I’ve ever had. That’s what my taste buds are telling me. My head tells me I’ve had better, but I gotta tell ya, it was good. One of the things I took for granted in all my years in SoCal is the availability of a greasy burrito at any time of the day or night. I’ve been jonesing for a greasy burrito for so long . . . and after being here for a few days, I finally got one. Delightful. Super Sergio, your taco shop rocks. The wedding tonight was awesome. Everything went smoothly. The couple was beautiful. The reception was terrific. I had some awesome conversations with people I met for the first time – people who are hungry for spiritual depth beyond the cultural bs of regular church. It’s weird to me, because I know that the conversations were […]

I’m so fried right now. Super tired. I’m here in San Diego, blogging from my dad’s computer. I’ve been here a little more that 48 hours at this point, and all but about 11 of those have been me on the go. I’ve been working in the SoCal heat at our house to get it ready to rent out. But I’ve also had a good bit of fun. My dad took me to see the Padres baseball game at Petco Park yesterday afternoon. Then last night I got to go over to Jason and Brooke Evans’ place for their regular community barbecue. Awesome time. I really miss Jason and Brooke – so much going on with them in life and ministry. Before I even got a chance to hang out, though, I ran into Ryan and Holly Sharp. Ryan and I have been having near miss moments in terms of […]

Jordon Cooper wasn’t the first blogger I read regularly, but he was one of the first. He has served the blogosphere well, and I believe he’s served the church well. In addition to serving in local churches, he’s added immeasurably to the conversation we in the newer streams of our faith are having. He reads more books in a month than I do in a year, links to places on the web I’ve never heard of but are almost always worth going to. I’ve never met him, but would be honored to. He is facing some serious health concerns these days – some that he’s willing to write about on his blog, and apparently, some that he’s not. Much love and prayer have gone out all over the web for Palmer and his intense physical/spiritual battles. For those of you who have joined this effort, I’d invite you to include […]

I’ve had a few people asking me lately if I’m excited about my new job at the University of Washington (what we in the northwest call U-dub). The answer I’ve given is that yes, it’s an exciting opportunity, but I’ve been too stinking busy to think much about it. I forget how much I said about the position in previous posts, and honestly, I’m too lazy right now to go back and read them. Anway, here’s a bit about it. I will be a collegiate ministry strategist for the Seattle metro area, focusing on the UW campus. The local association of churches in my stream at some point in the past was given a large building right on Greek row adjacent to the campus, with 23 rentable rooms, meeting space, and a full commercial kitchen. The building was given for the specific purpose of collegiate ministry. Interns come to be […]

Man, it’s been hard to focus lately. Too many details have me going in too many directions right now, and it makes me want to just go back to bed and do nothing. Changes in jobs, changes in school plans, getting ready for a trip to SoCal (and supposedly getting ready to officiate a wedding there). My mind wanders quite freely at times. Example: I’m in a hurry to get ready for work in the morning, and then I find myself standing in our tiny master bathroom staring at what I’m convinced is the second ugliest shower curtain in the world, just thinking, “I really need to take that thing down.” Heck, even now, I really ought to be reading something that will focus my mind on my Creator, or at least picking up the book I recently read (and enjoyed) and writing a quick reaction paper for school. But […]

And you thought my blog was boring . . . Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the dullest blog in the world.

Maybe I’m just codependent . . . Throughout the process of deciding to work in an official capacity with my denomination again I’ve been working through some ambivalence. There are some strong points to what this collection of churches does . . . and there are some very serious weak points. I’ve lost count of the number of church planters and leaders I’ve met that used to be in my denomination but bailed out because of those weak points. It seems more often than not that it’s just not worth it. I admit that a good lot of the time I feel the same way. But I keep coming back. It’s usually because I’ll run into someone who represents a glimmer of hope for change. My experience is that there are some who are gifted and persistent and open enough to change that they’ll lead a charge in a good […]

A day of big change . . . Today was Michelle’s last day with her employer, and now gets the (un)fun task of job hunting. Meanwhile, I voluntarily resigned from my job today. Yep, I just up and quit. O.k., not really that clean and easy, but I did give notice. For the past couple of months, I’ve been courted by my denom to consider becoming a collegiate ministry strategist for them at the University of Washington. It’s a really amazing opportunity that will demand lots of creativity, energy, and persistence. I’ll blog more about what’s involved as I get into the job and start getting to know people there. It’s something quite different than collegiate ministries than I’ve been exposed to. The down side to being offered the position, is that they are asking me to put my doctorate studies at George Fox on hold for one year. I […]

Was C.S. Lewis a universalist? Yesterday I finished my latest school book, Flame of Love: A Theology of the Holy Spirit, by Clark Pinnock. I’m not interested in turning this blog into a a play by play of all the classes I’m taking and the books that go with them, but I did run into some things here that triggered some thinking I hadn’t yet done – especially regarding the concept of universalism. Now, like most “good” evangelicals, I’ve always automatically considered universalism, well, universally wrong. But this book got me to begin separating the terms universalism (God’s Spirit and truth are active everywhere in the world, drawing people to Himself, including within “pagan” people and their religions) and syncretism (all religions are equally true and equally justify people before God), which I had always sort of held to be synonymous. But Pinnock got me going when he exerpted the […]

“As long as we keep attacking the symptoms of social disease–the so called offenders–then our problems will keep getting worse. Some day (soon I hope) society will be forced to “wake up” and recognize how it propagates its own misery by denying the truth that criminals are victims too.” This is a post from Joseph Duncan’s blog. He’s the accused kidnapper, and likely to be accused murderer of the family in Idaho. It’s getting enough play already, so I won’t link to it here. The scary thing is that what he writes is largely correct. I work with sex offenders all the time – in every case I’ve seen, without exception, the child molester was sexually abused in childhood himself/herself. It certainly doesn’t excuse anything – please understand that I’m not saying that. Just know that these are tormented people. And if we are to think of them as enemies, […]