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Did you ever notice how not very many people have bad days on their blogs? People might talk about stuff they’re angry about, etc., but nothing beyond that. In an effort at orginality, let me say that I had a pretty cranky morning. Traffic sucked, I said stupid things to my undeserving wife on the phone as I sat in traffic, and then one of my MIA clients showed up out of the blue asking me to take him to the welfare office. Fortunately, that office is pretty close to my office, so I walked him down there instead of driving. Beautiful morning here in Seattle, and despite the fact that I was walking next to a homeless guy with some pretty ripe body odor, I did get some fresh air. That helped. But I came back thinking that sometimes the blogosphere is a little bit like church – not […]

In working with a homeless population, in particular a substance dependent homeless population, I’ve been noticing some things about how the church (at least the church of North America) has done it’s work of life transformation. The majority of the homeless shelters that are available have some sort of a Christian faith base to them. In some cases, in order to be allowed to eat the food or sleep there, the shelters require their guests to attend a chapel service. In some cases, attendance is not required, but the chapel services are there in order to encourage the people. Some of my clients like that this is the case, while others roll their eyes at the thought of having to sit through some boring church service. Jesus and his apostles told us in no uncertain terms that we are to care for the poor, etc. I’m glad that these organizations […]

Favorite things about Seattle recently (in no particular order): Favorite coffee house: Victrola CoffeeFavorite local band: The LashesFavorite bumper sticker: “What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about?”

I did some training and orientation at the King County Correctional Facility. It included a tour, which was interesting, but kind of creeped me out. I work with convicted felons of all varieties every day, so it didn’t bug me to be around them. Rather, it’s because I was in a group of nine or ten people, being taken into the jail environment, and looking at how the “residents” are processed through the system. At this particular facility, most of the inmates are held in dormitory style rooms with 20 people, bunk beds, showers, toilets, sinks, and not much else. Instead of the typical grey bars, though, they are behind walls of glass – the nickname for these rooms is “tanks” (think fish aquariums). As I was paraded in front of these people, I tried to avoid eye contact, mostly because I didn’t want to be guilty of stripping them […]

No blogging lately. I’ve been working on a couple of other writing projects. Hopefully by the end of this weekend I’ll have those closed up and shipped out. For now, I’m getting ready for the office Cinco de Mayo party. I made my legendary guacamole, but had a little too much fun with the lime juice. Oh well. Tomorrow morning I’m taking Michelle to the airport – going back to SoCal for the weekend. Meanwhile, I’ll be writing, cleaning house, and playing with the dog. I’m kicking around a couple of ideas for entertainment, though. I’m not a very good bachelor, so we’ll see how it goes.