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Haven’t posted much for the past several weeks. I seriously doubt it matters much. If I’m wrong and you, dear reader, have been missing that special something in your days because I haven’t been writing, then, uhhh, I guess you can leave me a comment and let me know . . . oh, and I’m sorry (I guess). Anyhoo, the past couple of weeks have been sort of a waiting game. As I mentioned in previous posts, Michelle has been interviewing with companies in hopes of getting a new gig. One interview was with a small startup company and the other interview was with a massive very recognizable company with many prominent products on the market. Each has its own appeal. She’s expecting a job offer from the small company within the next few days, but won’t likely hear from the big company for a few more weeks. That makes […]

Interesting days here. On the surface, things would appear either normal or actually more boring than normal. I spend time working on our big landscape project, reading, running the dog ragged (or is it the other way around?), and trying to be out in the community talking to folks with the Kingdom in mind. Below the surface, though, there’s a lot going on. Michelle’s got two job interviews in the next eight days – one with a big big pharmaceutical company and one with a small start-up type pharmaceutical company. Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out my role in vocational ministry – it’s the time of year when I’m supposed to be doing my annual application for denominational funding for the church start work, and I’m thinking I may not do it. Instead, I’ve begun firing off resumes for regular jobs. There’s a tension there, whether to pursue work that […]

San Diego county is like many regions around the country – we’ve experienced a blindingly rapid rise in the cost of living. Housing is extraordinarily expensive. The median price of a home here is over $550,000. And let me tell you, the house that half a million dollars buys you isn’t very impressive. Our affordability index is right around ten percent – in other words, 90 people out of a hundred cannot afford to buy a home in this market. In one sense, Michelle and I are very grateful to have been able to get into the home ownership game during a low spot in the housing market and a high spot in the stock market several years ago. It’s become discouraging, though, even though we got our piece of the action. We know that if we were to sell our home and move to another home of equal value, […]

I’m ambivalent about my role as a voter (in a Kingdom sort of way). And yet I’ve watched several hours of each of the political conventions this year. Some of my feelings surprise me. Meanwhile, I’m mindful of the horrible ending to the terrorist hostage situation in the Russian school. 100 dead, many more injured. We have close friends who are in the process of adopting two Russian orphans, and are supposed to travel there in the next few months.