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Home. A good place to be. Got back from TX on Friday night and have only briefly left the house since. It was nice to not feel as though I had to get a lot done before my next trip. I’ve only been on two trips, but they’ve been stressful in the sense that a)I don’t have Michelle (who is my favorite) with me; b)I’ve been in seminar/conference settings – long hours and information overload; c)On both trips, I shared hotel rooms with two other guys, which is fine, but no alone time wears on me; d)I lack any hint of routine that would help ground me. As I was sitting in the Denver airport on a two hour layover Friday, I looked around at all the business travelers who live life this way, I just shook my head in disbelief. Heck, I don’t even have kids! So now that […]

Uhhh, I’m in Texas. Sitting in the library computer lab for my denom’s seminary. Huge huge campus with very stately buildings. Air conditioned inside. 97 degrees with like 180% humidity outside. This place scares me.

Just when I was beginning to settle in back at home, I’m going away again. I’m flying out this morning for a couple of days in Ft. Worth, Texas. It’s been a long time since I spent any time in Texas (outside the walls of an airport, at least). No big deal, though, because my experience of that place is that things don’t change very quickly. I’ll be going to the Emerging Multihousing Church Conference. That’s about all I know. Someone else is picking up the tab for me to go, so what the heck, right? I’ll blog on my return. Peace

Whew! Back home for a few days. Vegas was good – but extremely tiring. In the four days, we spent about 35 hours in session. I’m almost recovered by now, but I had to get up at 4am to take a friend to the hospital for a surgery today, so catching up is a challenge. O.k., so there was some very cool stuff about the seminar I attended. It is a new training thing (this was the third time it’s been done) that will be done around the country by my denomination. Because I’m always a little wary of what the denom will come up with, I wasn’t expecting to be impressed . . . but in a lot of ways, I’m happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised. Especially with the degree to which there is an embrace of house church expressions as legitimate, healthy, and even superior […]

Yeah, so I only made it about six hours after dropping Michelle off at the airport before having to call the fire department. Me and the pup nearly stepped on this guy accidentally in our garage yesterday. Pretty scary – I have an intense hatred of snakes. I’ve caught a rattlesnake before, but I had help. This time I was alone and it had slithered under some shelves, and I didn’t want to risk it. After the fire fighters successfully decapitated it, I measured it at 30″, not including the rattles (7 of ’em). Ahhh, the feel of adrenaline.

Busy days around here. I’m putting Michelle on a plane for Portland, OR this afternoon – she’s judging some equestrian rating thingy. She gets home late Sunday night, and I’m splitting for Vegas early Monday morning. I’ll be going to a Church Planting Movements seminar all next week. Should be interesting – exploring the possibilities of using some of lessons learned overseas to North American culture. Jeez, I thought we westerners were the ones with all the answers, and now I’m finding out that God loves non-white, non-republican, non-men, non-hierarchical church types too. Mind blowing, really. (Just in case I ever run for public office and these words get used against me, let me clarify that this last statement is purely satirical and I am not in favor of white, republican, male, hierarchical church types). I’ll get back late Friday night. So, as if my blog posts had been very […]

I just got home from helping Jason and Brooke move in to their new home in San Diego. What a completely rad house! I know Brooke is gonna go crazy with her decorating genius . . . and Jason will get a workout using some power tools. Even if they didn’t do anything to the place, it’s very very cool – lots of character. Great little neighborhood too, right in the heart of San Diego. On my way there, I stopped in at the only Christian book store in San Diego worth going to. It’s old, has ugly carpet, and minimal Jesus junk. I was very pleased to see a sign inside directing me to their “Bargain Basement.” Here’s what I bought: The Politics of Jesus, by John Howard Yoder Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony, by Stanley Hauwerwas and William Willimon Unleashing the Scripture: Freeing the Bible from […]

O.k., so I’m a few years behind the curve in getting to this, but The Continuing Conversion of the Church by Darrell Guder is a new favorite book for me. It’s right up there with Missional Church by Guder and company, but this one is more oriented toward laying a theological base for the pragmatic suggestions. Guder talks in detail about reductionism and the gospel. Some “reduction” is necessary when we take the gospel into a new culture or relationship – in other words, we have to translate our experience and understanding of the gospel into language, thus reducing it. The problem comes when we apply our own agenda to the reduction, and turn it into a thing of its own – what Guder calls “reductionism.” We will always run the risk of, and be guilty of this, and will thus forever be in need of a continuing conversion to […]

Various random thoughts . . . Study, study, study. In addition to the bag o’ books I checked out from the local seminary library last week, I’m studying in preparation for a training thing I’m doing in a couple of weeks. It’s pretty interesting info and quite possibly exciting, in terms of the possibilities it might represent in North America. I’ll talk more about it if it stimulates more thought in a missional direction. Oh, by the way . . . the training is in Las Vegas. Ugh – today’s weather predicts a high of 102 (F). That’s some serious sweatin’ . . . for five days. I’m having some conversations with local folks in the church planting department that are equally exciting and frightening. I may be meeting with some more folks that do a cool church – that’s cool in terms of music, lighting, yada yada yada. This […]

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