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Our new little puppy, Maui. 

Oh, I guess the new political movie comes out today. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to see it. I have some free movie passes, so I wouldn’t even have to spend my own money for it. For the most part, I’m uncomfortable watching Michael Moore take cheap shots at people he disagrees with (I know, I know – that’s the point), but as this excellent review points out, guys like Rush Limbaugh have dominated talk radio airwaves since the first Iraq war with their cheap shots. If you care to, jump over to Metacritic, which lists the range of reviews out there – generally favorable, but mixed. Hardly the kind of acclaim that Hollywood has given the film. Kinda makes me wonder if next spring there’ll be an Oscar fight between Michael Moore and Mel Gibson.

Well, I seem to be having some issues with our digital camera, and I haven’t been able to take pictures of the pup just yet. Hopefully I’ll figure something out soon and show her to the world. Tomorrow I’ll be going to a funeral service for the father of one of the students I used to pastor. There had been a range of ongoing health issues for several years, so his death was not shocking, but the timing came as a bit of a surprise. I’m looking forward to catching up with some of the students I got to work with, and some other friends as well. It’s hard, though, because I will also want to provide comfort to my younger friend – just graduated from high school last Thursday, and exactly one week later he’ll be sitting at his dad’s funeral. His sister, who is in college, and his […]

Our little family is growing . . . Michelle and I brought home a little puppy today. We’ve named her Maui. I’ll post a picture soon.

Whoa! An earthquake measuring 5.1 just hit down in Mexico. Good little jolt. No damage around here. Mexico’s building codes aren’t so great, though, so I hope things are cool down there.

Interesting conversations going on around the blogosphere over the past few days. Jordon Cooper has a couple of posts linked. Seems like a lot of attention is being given to the issue of definition. Are we “emerging”? Are we postmodern? Do we define ourselves as postmodern, but really aren’t? If we are emerging, will there come a time at which point we will have emerged? I’ll admit to having spent a good bit of time in thought and conversation trying to figure out whether a church that I’ve visited is postmodern or not. I’ve also given thought to whether I’m trying to start emerging or postmodern churches. I’ve certainly been asked by others. I’m guessing that in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter. It’s a natural human sort of thing to try to categorize and define. But doesn’t that usually only serve the purpose of developing some […]

My secret little hobby . . . I’ve recently picked up a new habit/art form. It goes like this: 1. Find domestic cat (mine, not a neighborhood one) 2. Grab cat 3. Carry cat into guest bathroom of home, and close doors 4. Put cat down 5. Pick up electric grooming razor 6. Grab cat 7. Force cat to lay down 8. Shave cat O.k., now before anyone calls PETA on me (by the way, my mother-in-law is a PETA member), before anyone calls the intervention hotline to see what to do about their friend in SoCal who likes cutting himself, let me just just say that a)I am not ashamed of what I do, and I may do it again . . . tonight, b)It isn’t as bad as it sounds, and c)I have a point in revealing this. The simple truth is, this cat’s hair is out of […]

Mood swings That’s about as good a description as I could give to my life lately. No, no, I’m not pregnant, nor am I in menapause, nor do I have bipoloar disorder. It may yet prove to be a very natural phase I’m going through, but any explanation that might be offered will not likely prove helpful. Those who know me reasonably well could tell you that I’m a pretty mellow, easy going, steady sort of chap. Mood swings are pretty unusual. But over the past month, that’s where I’ve been. At one moment feeling like this whole church planting thing was some big joke. At another, calmly feeling that in pursuing God in a fresh way where I am is rich and meaningful, even if my church planting efforts never produce anything. At another, becoming truly energized when hearing or reading or thinking about the way God has revealed […]

So I’ve been back from Seattle almost a week now, and I don’t feel as though I’ve hit my groove again. I’ve been kinda scattershot lately, plus I think I picked up some of those infamous processed air germs from the flight home and I’ve been under the weather for a few days. All in all, I’m just lethargic. I haven’t caught up on e-mail, haven’t finished a writing assignment that I had good intentions to complete, and I’m probably missing more than I’m catching these days. Ugh. Hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow I’ll be in a better place. Michelle and I are in a place of considering significant changes. I’d say more about that, but I wouldn’t know where to begin. It has to do with vision and hopes for each of us as individuals as well as for our life together. I’ll write more as […]