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Looking forward to this weekend. Tonight I’m headed to the living home for an informal gathering with the likes of Todd Hunter and some locals in the Church. Should be some good times. Then tommorrow I’ll take my friend Chad with me up there for more of a directed “unconference.” I’m looking to be refreshed with their company and common vision.

Weird week. Hard week. Michelle’s company is going through transition . . . still. Her department director was informed the other day that his services will no longer be required as of the end of the year. The company is closing the facility she works in, and moving everyone to one of four places: their Oceanside facility that isn’t operational yet, their facilities in North Carolina, their facilities in Cambridge, Mass., or the unemployment line. She’s been told numerous times that she is on the “valuable employees we definitely want to keep around” list, but somehow it isn’t very reassuring. The company seems to be trying hard to help people despite the difficult decisions they’re making – tough stuff, though. On a purely selfish note, the company might offer to fly employees and their spouses to the east coast to get tours and figure out if they’re interested in moving. […]

April 27. 10:50am 93 freakin’ degrees

Over the weekend, Michelle and I had some good conversations. There is a big part of me that is always in process – rethinking where I’ve come from and where I am and where I still need to go. Fortunately, I’ve got a gift from God in my wife, who is frequently willing to help me walk through these things. Well, as we were talking, I realized that despite how mind-bending my little world seems to be at times, I’m actually in a really great place. Because of the hard work of stripping down my theology and doctrine and expectations of God, church, etc., I’ve kind of come full circle. Initially the “conversation” of emerging culture/emerging church/postmodernity/whatevertheheckyouwannacallit excited me and gave me hope that I could employ new ways of thinking within my current context. Then it became clear that this was unlikely, and then it was flat out impossible. […]

I’ve spent the last couple of days learning and playing with a web design program in order to go live with our new church website. It’s been fun and I’ve picked things up pretty quickly. We’ll see if I’m able to actually put a decent site together when it’s all said and done.

Whew! I didn’t get assigned to a case yesterday, so my civic duty is now complete. I was thinking this morning about how much of my devotional life is spent in pursuit of getting something from God – blessing, good feelings, understanding, wisdom, whatever. This isn’t necessarily wrong, but I often settle for less than the best in this regard. It doesn’t occur to me that maybe I’m there for God’s benefit, and not just the other way around. Do I use God? It would be better to worship him. Now, if as a result of my worship and right devotion I receive wisdom, understanding, good feelings, and blessings, that’s all the better. I just tend to get things out of order.

I’ve gone through a bunch of the questioning of my role in the Kingdom vs. my role as a citizen of the U.S. in the past year or so. Here’s another question I get to ponder today. What about Jury Duty? Yep, I get to ponder it today . . . all day . . . and hopefully only today.

O.k., now that I’ve shot my mouth off about more television stuff, and told the world that I’ll be taping a TV show tonight, Jason has brought me some much needed humility by giving me a better suggestion. Turn off the television.

As sort of a follow up to my article over on Next-Wave this month, one of the things that has always struck me about the whole “reality” TV genre is what a mediated reality it really is. The creator and executive producer of Survivor and The Apprentice, Mark Burnett, won’t even discuss “reality TV”, but insists on the term “unscripted drama” when discussing his shows. Notice that he says “unscripted” and not “unedited”. Major, major difference. It’s not just that some of the things we see on the show – the conflicts or romances or whatever – seem to be artificially staged, but also that the things we aren’t seeing in the final shows is frequently more true than what we do see. Now, obviously, nobody would watch Survivor if they didn’t edit out what happens most on the show – a group of hungry, dirty, tired contestants flopping around […]

I keep meaning to take our digital camera with me “into town”, but forget when the time comes. Since I’m afraid the moment will be lost by the time I actually do remember, I’ll just write about it. Ramona is the back woods area of San Diego. It’s very much like the Midwest – pretty rural, but not out of touch with metro life. But every time you start thinking that the ol’ hometown may be getting a little more hip, you pass by the road off of Main Street (yes, the main street in Ramona is actually called Main Street) with all the mailboxes – as in the 25 mailboxes which stand crookedly, each on a post sticking out of a five gallon bucket of concrete. The other day, while driving home, I noticed a home made sign stuck to a stop sign. Torn cardboard with the scrawl of […]