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If our local weather were in New York city this morning, they’d have to cancel the big parade. Heavy winds are whipping and whistling outside. Normally this would mean clear and cold (cold by SoCal standards) air. In this case if you look out the windows of my house, you see what appears to be a blanket of fog settling in over the valley. Of course, wind and fog don’t typically coexist. That means that what appears to be fog is actually ash and soot from the recent wildfires kicking up into the air. Not pleasant. It’s a Thanksgiving Day reminder of what we have and what’s been lost.

Well it’s the day before Thanksgiving, and I just want to send my warm wishes out to my blogosphere pals. I am thankful for those of you who I’ve had a chance to meet in the past few months, and for those who I haven’t yet had the opportunity of meeting. I am grateful for your prayers and thoughts, especially recently as we have dealt with the SoCal fires and their aftermath. Having Michelle’s parents in our home during the holidays will be fun in some ways and hectic in some ways. I’m sure that Friday morning I’ll be mounting my trusty extension ladder to hang the Christmas lights. By Friday night I’m guessing that the 8ft. inflatable Christmas bears that Marge bought will be greeting all who pass by our house. Yep, it’ll be fun in some ways and hectic in some ways. More fun than hectic, though. I’m […]

Update on my last post: three puddles in three days.

Large old dogs sometimes have bladder control issues. Two puddles in our family room in the past two days have taught me this. I just thought I’d share.

How could I be this wasted only a week after returning from vacation?? I think I really underestimated the stress related to living with others. I’m adjusting to the rythms and lifestyles of Michelle’s parents, and trying to maintain my own rythms in the middle of it. Not so easy. I’m sure it’s still a heckuva lot easier than having to adjust to the rythm of life outside of the house you’ve lived in for the past 30 years, and having to deal with the stress of insurance adjusters, demolition contractors, architects, and construction companies. As Michelle and I approach our 7th wedding anniversary next week, I realize that this situation is challenging our marriage in new ways. I’ve learned more about my selfishness lately. I’ve learned about how inflexible I can be sometimes. I’ve learned a lot more than that, but more things are being revealed to me daily […]

Ugh. Challenging day . . . a little annoying. Not the worst day of my life, mind you . . . just annoying. I got up this morning to discover that a screw had found its way into a rear tire on my truck, so I got to change it. No worries, I need to replace all four tires anyway. Then I discovered that my in-laws’ dogs had broken into my bedroom to terrorize our cats and eat their food. Then I drove to downtown San Diego for my denomination’s annual USBH convention. Never heard of USBH? I’ll clue you in – it’s the Ugly Suit/Bad Hair convention . . . basically they don’t let you in the door without one or the other. They used to require both, but in a nod toward progress they began only requiring one. Since I know you’re wondering, here’s what I chose: Just […]

Well we’re back home now, and back to our normal stuff of life. Except that it’s really not so normal at all. We arrived home on Friday afternoon to our new housemates . . . Michelle’s folks were here too. All of a sudden our pretty quiet existence of two people and two cats has turned into a full on zoo of four people, four cats, and three dogs. The house feels a lot smaller already. We had a very good and relaxing time on our vacation. Much needed sleep, reading time, talking time, etc. The Napa Valley area is alive with different sets of colors at various times of the year, but none more beautiful than this season. The grape vines haven’t been pruned back yet, but their leaves are in transition from green to gold to burgundy to brown. The trees in the area are also changing color, […]

Tomorrow Michelle’s folks, Matt and Marge will move in. Completely coincidentally, as they are moving in, we will be driving out of town for vacation. I’m glad for them to be able to have our house to themselves for a full week – that way they can settle in at their own pace and have some quiet time alone. Marge likes her alone time, so this will be good, if temporary. I’m really hoping that she is able to feel at home with us until they figure out what’s what. Matt’s a super flexible, roll with the punches sort of guy, so I’m sure he’ll be o.k. They have blessed us in so many ways over the years. I’m looking forward to giving back a little bit. As for Michelle and I . . . we’re driving up to Napa Valley, which is north of San Francisco for those of […]

The November edition of Next-Wave is up, as is a music review I wrote. There are some really good articles there, so go check it out. As the week goes on, I find myself really looking forward to getting out of town with Michelle. We leave on Friday for a week of vacation. I think it’ll be really good for both of us.

Hey . . . I know I’m too cheap to get the ad-free version of Blogger. Sorry. I just saw one of the ads on the top of my page, though. Apparently, you can help orphans and get a free copy of the prayer of Jabez at the same time. Now nobody can say my blog isn’t a valuable resource. All you have to do is read it 40 days in a row.