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Things I admire most in others (in no particular order): Generosity Encouragement Faithfulness Hospitality Sacrifice Simplicity in pleasure Growth Spirituality I am fairly decent in about 3 or 4 of these areas. I won’t say which.

God’s grace make me glad to be alive. That’s all I need to say today.

O.k., I’m a-political these days, and thus, I have not taken a personal stand on what’s going on in the California (or, as the would be new Republican governor would say, “Colleeforneeya”) recall election. However, I heard that a certain fast food chain is doing a promotion aimed at “buying votes.” Click here to see who’s winning. I just think it’s funny to see how they have characterized Governor Gray Davis.

In the CD player: Over The Rhine, Ohio By the way . . . the price on this is really good – it’s a double album

Our Wednesday night BBQ gathering in the park was interesting this week. We had a very uncharacteristic weather system come in and sprinkle us with a little rain – just enough to get the grass wet and make it feel really muggy with the August heat. It felt more like Mississippi or Houston than San Diego. Thankfully, the park we meet in has a big gazebo thing, so we just hung out under there for the evening. We had a good discussion that ended up touching on the concept of the Christian ghetto. We unpacked what that looks like and why it can be so problematic. I’ll be eager to see how the next few weeks unfold with our little group – some of our folks are headed out this weekend to go back to college in other parts of SoCal, so we’ll be smaller. But I’m excited about the […]

As I’ve moved around the blog world over the past year-plus, I’ve noticed that at times some of my favorite writers will say something to the effect of “I’m going to go into quiet mode for a spell. I’ll post less regularly here for a while.” I’ve been noticing that that’s pretty much what I’ve done over the past month or so . . . except that in my case, it has been an intentional or purposeful cutting back from blogging. In part, it’s a result of my new work situation – it’s been tough for me to develop any kind of rhythm with a work schedule that is different from day to day, week to week. I’ve also been a lot less oriented toward just spilling my thoughts here lately. No good reason for this, but it is what it is. I’m sure it means something – I just […]

More on Oklahoma . . . I think I once heard a country song about wide open spaces. To my city-boy eyes, it was a stark contrast . . . and I live in some of the widest openest spaces in San Diego. As the airplane descended just before my arrival at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, I saw something that triggered memories of childhood vacations to this place – the red clay earth. I remember riding in the backseat of the family car with my sister (it’s a looooong road trip for a kid from California to Oklahoma), and it seemed as though right at the spot where you cross the border from the Texas panhandle into Oklahoma, the ground turns red. I remember going to my cousin Christopher’s little league game and seeing the red dirt clinging to the uniforms. I have no idea why that’s […]

Let me apologize in advance for any incoherence in this post. I’m nearly unconscious from exhaustion. Here’s a little update on life. I’ve traveled a bit lately . . . Like I mentioned before, after my opening shift at work (my alarm is set for 3:40a.m.) on Friday, I got in the car with Michelle and a good friend of ours, and we drove about 7 hours to Gilroy, CA – it’s about an hour south of San Jose. Long drive. When we got there, we saw some friends, and then went to the wedding rehearsal dinner at a local Mexican restaurant – it rocked! I was pretty wiped out, so we went back to our hotel and crashed. Saturday afternoon was the wedding, and then we got back in the car to drive home. I got to bed at about 3:00am Saturday night/Sunday morning. In the middle of that […]

We’re about to get in the car and drive a bunch of hours up the state. Going to a wedding in a place called Hollister. We’re staying in a hotel tonight in Gilroy . . . the garlic capital of the world. I hear it’s harvest time. Sounds, um, well, fragrant.

I woke up this morning to the sound of the phone ringing. It was my father. Bad news. His brother stopped breathing as he slept last night, and is now gone. Very unexpected. Jarring. My parents are leaving to be with the family in Oklahoma. My dad was close with his brother – each had been through a roller coaster life, and had experienced the grace of God in a personal and restoring way. I feel badly for my dad. The pain of sudden loss is still sinking in.