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Whew! Busy days, I tell ya. Good days, but busy ones. In particular, it was a busy, but really good weekend. I got to co-lead a couple of workshops for pastors and college ministry type folks on Saturday with Jason. It was fun to work with some very sincere, mostly conservative evangelical, denomonationally-oriented folks and poke and prod and ruffle some feathers, but not just for the sake of doing it – I actually hoped to help them think a bit and continue thinking after the day was done. What I really enjoyed about the day, though, was the in-between session when Jason and I didn’t have a workshop, so we were just able to hang out for an hour and talk. I got some good insight into a “community of communities” (as Darrel Guder puts it in Missional Church) that I’m considering being a part of. Jason is an […]

Well, I seem to have successfully navigated the computer bug fairly well. The ants, though, persist. This reminds me of an incident from earlier in my week . . . After I got out of the shower at 4am to get ready for work, I paused while preparing to put a sock on my left foot. On top of my foot there was a small, almost unnoticeable speck of something. I looked more closely to figure out what it was. The shape was familiar to me, I thought. Then I identified it. It was the tail section of a small creepy-crawly. We call these bugs pincher bugs, but I have no idea what their real name is – long, skinny bugs with an armor type shell, many legs up and down their bodies, and at the end, there’s a little claw like a little crab or something. Curious, I thought, […]

Crimony!!! My computer keeps trying to have near death experiences. I’m trying to get stuff together for a couple of workshops I’m doing with Jason Evans at a collegiate summit tomorrow, and my pc is having issues. But hey, I blog on, right?

So this past weekend, after my first week working part time, I began feeling a little discouraged, in part because I felt like I hadn’t “done anything” in the area of the church plant. And then I remembered why I took the job in the first place – to meet people in the community and begin developing relationships. So I’m pleased to report that I met a bunch of new people in the community last week, and I’m beginning to develop relationships with them! I was also encouraged by a thouht that popped into my head as I was pondering the whole church thing, and what the heck I’m supposed to be doing with my life. It goes something like this – “God wants me to plant a church more than I do.” I guess I could take that in a couple of different ways, but I chose to receive […]

I’ve spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about the holocaust. I’ve watched two films (plus the “making of” material from one of them), read some stimulating writing that referenced it, and seen part of a public television program that dealt with WWII death camps. I am left with two feelings – seemingly incongruent, and yet both unmistakably there. I feel the utter horror and sickness in my stomach that more than six million image bearers of God were savagely put to death. And yet I feel the hope that being an image bearer of God myself brings me – that I am empowered to live a life of love and sacrifice toward Him, whether in this physical body or out of it. John Piper writes about the “mosaic” of God’s will. When viewed individually, the pieces of a mosaic appear insignificant, ugly at times, small, and meaningless. But […]

Geez, I can’t believe this week is almost over . . . time has flown by me. I guess that’s what happens when you work for a living. It’s also what happens when you spend time with folks. OC on Tuesday, BBQ in the park with my college friends on Wednesday, Padres baseball game (if you can call it that) with my dad, sister, and nephew yesterday, good friends coming over for pizza and hang-out time tonight, plus meeting all my new co-workers throughout the week. I was asked to do some work on an ongoing side project (more to come on this in a couple months), which is starting to get fun.

Good day today. I drove the long distance commute with Michelle this morning, dropped her off at work, then headed north to Orange County. This was during the busy morning commute. I didn’t have anywhere to be until 11am, so I decided to drive as far as I could, and then when I hit traffic, I’d take the next exit and grab some coffee. As it turned out, I hit the traffic and pulled off in Mission Viejo at an exit where I knew a Starbucks store was located. I hung out and read for a while, and then in walked Troy Murphy, who is part of the South County United family. I met with one of his cohorts a couple months back, so I introduced myself to Troy. Cool dude – we didn’t talk long, but it was good to meet him. I had lunch with a buddy of […]

It should be an interesting week. I don’t have many appointments. But I’m going to make a phone call in a couple of hours, to go ahead and accept a job offer at Starbucks. Who knows, they may even ask me to come in today and start some training. It’s a little humbling to make less money per hour than I did when I was 18, but that’s not a huge deal to me. I’m doing it as an opportunity to be in the community, developing relationships, and learning from a company what I should already know from the church. I have no idea how long I’ll work there or what God has in mind for me, but I’m looking forward to it. Maybe the allure of free coffee and an employee discount on espresso machines has me overly happy. ++God, my life is yours. Please make the most of […]

Last night we had another BBQ get together in a park for some young adult types. Small gathering, but it was awesome. I had a prepared Bible Study thing that got completely abandoned because Jesus showed up in the conversation, and things just grew in a totally other direction. We ended up looking at Jesus as the perfect high priest, as well as the perfect sacrifice. I had come prepared, but hadn’t “planned” for communion. Everything we talked about just sort of flowed in that direction, and we celebrated the breaking of Christ’s body and the spilling of his blood so that we could be with him. It was very intimate, and lovely. I’m fired up about that this morning.

Our house is under attack. I think it’s of the devil, but God probably knows otherwise. Michelle and I have spent a great deal of time over the past several days dealing with some very unwelcome house guests . . . ants. They’ve explored our pantry, taken meals of sweetness from our aluminum can recycling collection, and tried at least twice to establish new colonies within the walls of the home – one of which was the water reservoir of our super deluxe coffee maker. Yep, it’s disgusting . . . especially when I just had to ask myself the ugly question – “Exactly how many pots of coffee did I consume under these conditions before discovering the ugly truth?” I’m sure there’s some spiritual message to be found in all of this, but after dealing with these ants, I’m not in much of a spiritual mood. And yet I […]