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Well, my little retreat at the end of last week turned out pretty well. This is the first time I’ve done one, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect or how to go about it. Maybe next time I should go to an abbey and get some help from a spiritual director or something, but I was pretty pleased with how my time went. My main plan was to give myself to God and do a lot of listening. I did that and wrote some notes on what I sensed God saying to me. Some of it was pretty standard, but some of it was unexpected in a refreshing sort of way. One of the things I got some clarity on was the ongoing question of where we’re supposed to focus the church planting efforts. This has been an area of stress, and it’s good to be seeing things […]

Sunday. Michelle and I didn’t “go to” church this morning. Instead we woke up slowly, talked about life, drank coffee on our back porch while looking out over the mountainous view God has blessed us with. We read scripture and prayed together. In a few minutes we’re leaving to go “be the church” with some college students at Lake Poway. Worship is good.

I’m heading out for a couple days of personal retreat today. I’ll be at the monastic community of Lawrence Welk Resort just north of San Diego. My parents have given me a night in their time share there. Depending on check-in/check-out times, I may not leave the room I’m in while I’m a guest. I just want to pray, write, and mainly listen to God. At the beginning of the year it was my goal to do this at least quarterly, but this is my first one. I’m definitely looking forward to it, though.

I spent most of yesterday in a basic training thing to be certified as a chaplain for the San Diego chapter of the American Red Cross. It seems like such a simple way to help people through traumatic events in their lives. Heck, I’d even volunteer for a non-chaplain type thing. I’ve had a history of being pretty skeptical about the organization in the past – and the local chapter sure has had some major screw-ups in the handling of donations in the past couple of years, but things do seem to be on the mend lately. Here’s a little piece of Red Cross trivia for those of you who care: The American Red Cross is the only non-profit organization that has a congressional charter and is legally required to exist . . . but they don’t get any federal funding for their basic services.

Had a good weekend with Michelle these last couple of days. We went to see Finding Nemo, then went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. We also got down to Pacific Beach to check out Coastlands Church. I met the pastor, Evan Lauer, a few weeks ago and wanted to say hello. This guy is a real encouragement to me – he’s stoked on what he’s doing, and he knows his role in the Kingdom.

I got a call today asking me to lead a couple of workshops for a Collegiate Summit in July. It’s supposed to be a sort of repeat performance of what I did with my man, Jason Evans last year. This time I think some local pastors are supposed to sit in, though – that might make it worth doing.

I’m beginning to gain some clarity on a personal issue that’s been dragging me down a bit recently. It’s a bit hard to explain, so bear with me. I am a fairly bright individual, and have a capacity for some deep thoughts now and again. I’ll freely admit that I am more often inspired by encountering the thoughts of some of my favorite writers (bloggers included) than I am by my own profundity. If I’m good at anything in terms of the thought world, it’s fusing a variety of thinking from different people and different genres of life. One of my favorite words is up there in the subtitle of my blog – Integration. But in the recent past it seems like I’ve been overly focused on the tasks at hand and I’ve stopped allowing myself to be revolutionized and stirred up by big thoughts. It’s a little ironic in […]

It’s been a slow week for me around here. I’ve done a bunch of work outdoors – cutting down an acre worth of weeds taller than me. My allergies are going nuts! I take a prescription medication, but it’s not working so hot. Oh well. I’m almost done with the weeds, though, so that’s good. I’m taking today off from those chores . . . got a couple of meetings.

O.k., confession time. I’m embarrassed, but I gotta tell the truth. Please don’t laugh. Just pray for me, o.k.? My only internet connection is dial-up. There, I said it. I feel cleansed. I really try to limit the amount of time I spend on-line . . . because I also don’t have a second phone line. With that said, if you ever want to have an IM chat with me, feel free to look me up. My Yahoo! IM ID is “spiritfarming.” I don’t do other versions of IM.

Harry Potter gets saved . . . and becomes a fundamentalist! I just found this excerpt from the yet to be published book “Harry Potter in the Lake of Fire.” It’s in the latest issue of The Door. What?” said Ron Weasley in astonishment, “Have you gone off your bloomin’ rocker? You’re going to burn all your books of magical incantations, and destroy your wizard’s wand, and your cloak of invisibility? You must be mad!” “Not at all,” shot back Harry, with a fiery glint of righteous boldness in his eyes. “Through the anointed ministry of Bob Larson, I have come to see that these things are all tools of Satan. They are strongholds for demonic oppression, or even possession. I am choosing to cut all ties with my sordid past, and to destroy every wicked thing that has held me in bondage. Better to burn them, than for me […]