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Wednesday night was great. Jason and Brooke are fabulous hosts to all comers. It was great to see Randy Buist and Joel McClure from the Water’s Edge community in Michigan. I had met Randy last May at Seed Stories, but had only read Joel’s writings. Good guys – I really wish I had more time to talk with both of them. They have watched God work in and through them in unexpected ways, and they have a tangible, deep sense of what true community is. I also met Eric from the Water’s Edge family and another Michiganer (or is that Michiganite? Michiganian? Michigani?) named Tom, who is a church planter. Oh yea, there was also Paul Kortman and his girlfriend Becky from the Breakpoint community in Michigan. All great folks – looks like God’s up to something up there!! In addition to these fine people, Jim Henderson from Off the […]

Really looking forward to hanging out tonight at Jason and Brooke’s place with some folks who are in town for the big Emergent Convention. I’m either not cool enough or don’t have enough of the green stuff to go to the convention, so instead I’ll just hang around listening to other people’s stories about it. All the people who came to San Diego from the snowy lands east and north of here for the convention are getting a nice dose of a SoCal rarity – rain! And not a little bit of it either. Sorry guys, but we like it.

Dear readers (both of you): I am posting here a (long) letter that I’ve written to the leadership at my church. I am doing this in order to gather any thoughts that you might have before I actually send it to them. It came out of what I believe to be a Spirit-driven day of fasting, failure, long discussion with close friends, and restless thoughts as I lay in bed tonight. Feel free to e-mail any comments or input you might have. Sincere thanks, friends. Joel 2:11-19 The LORD thunders at the head of his army; his forces are beyond number, and mighty are those who obey his command. The day of the LORD is great; it is dreadful. Who can endure it? ‘Even now,’ declares the LORD, ‘return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.’ Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to […]

The latest in reality programming . . . On Easter Day, 2003, Noah’s Ark sails again… this time on a virtual voyage of 40 days and 40 nights. Twelve people will be onboard and one of them could be you. This is the world’s first internet reality game show, brought to you by the smiling folks over at Ship of Fools. Twelve contestants play the game in the roles of Bible Characters, and every four days someone has to walk the plank. Should be a hoot. There’s still time left for you to be a contestant. [read more]

I think I’m one of the worst 5% of youth pastors out there. No really, I am – I really suck at this stuff. I’m not into programs, I have an utter hatred for lock-ins, I’m not enough of a cheerleader, and I don’t babysit very well. On the other hand, I fancy myself as a pretty darn good youth pastor in some other senses – I don’t let my students get away with lazy thinking, I’m not into programs, and I’d rather focus my time on working with the parents and volunteers than the students. Part of why I’m lousy at this thing is that in addition to being the youth pastor, I’m also responsible for children’s ministry, adult small groups, Sunday Bible study, and office administration oversight. I doubt I’d be so inadequate if I could actually spend some time with the students. All of that as a […]

Brian McLaren wrote a sermon for President Bush regarding the coming war. Here’s a snippet: In this war, Mr. President, if war must happen, I wonder if you would make history by being the first president to share the death toll of our enemy, not as a score of victory, but as another tragic cost of war? I wonder if you could teach the American people to mourn the death of Iraqi mothers’ sons along with our own? I wonder if you could, in this way, deepen our dread and hatred of war, so that if this war happens, it will bring us one war closer to the end of the nightmare, and the beginning of God’s dream for us? When Jesus said, “Blessed are they who mourn…” (Matthew 5:4) [read more]

David Hopkins has a cool list of peace protester signs from last weekend’s demonstrations on his blog.

Well, Michelle and I painted our home office over the weekend. Big difference – much warmer and relaxing, with a mossy green and beige. I sat there early this morning reading and praying and reading, and realized how blinding those white walls were. Both of us have been in a weird sort of funk over the past few days. I talked to her briefly this morning on the phone and she said it’s my fault – she’s only in a funk because I am, and she can’t figure me out. This is not uncommon – most of the time I can’t figure me out either. So pray for my poor wife who’s stuck with such a head case! I think part of the reason we’re in outer space a bit is that there’s so much uncertainty about my job right now – we’re pretty settled on what we’re going to […]

Wow. I guess Blogger hit the big time or something . . . got bought up by Google.

I want to be involved in the right things today. Things that contribute to an organization, hierarchy, my own selfish comfort, my esteem in the eyes of others . . . these are things I can do without today. Instead, I will choose the road of looking into peoples’ lives and seeing real needs, and go about meeting those in whatever ways I am able.