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Yahoooooo, Michelle and I saw The Two Towers last night. Wow, what a great job they did – amazing, really. Peter Jackson and company absolutely nailed the character of Gollum/Smeagol – I truly can’t imagine how they could have done better. So many things going through my feeble mind about the movie right about now. I think I need to keep processing before I go spoutin’ off, though.

URGENT PRAYER INTERNATIONAL MISSION BOARD (SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION) December 30, 2002 YEMEN. Three of our IMB personnel were killed and another wounded on Monday, Dec. 30, when a lone gunman attacked a Baptist hospital in Jibla, Yemen. Hospital administrator Bill Koehn, purchasing agent Kathy Gariety, and physician Martha Myers were killed and pharmacist Don Caswell was injured in the early morning attack. A 35-year-old man surrendered to hospital security personnel and was taken into custody. “We are devastated by this news,” said board spokesman Larry Cox. “We are moving quickly to assist family members. We’re grateful God spared the lives of others and pray that His spirit will meet the needs of everyone touched by this crisis.” As news of the attack spread, the streets outside were filled with local residents, said Kaye Rock, another Southern Baptist worker at the hospital. “People here loved these people so much,” Rock said. […]

Hoooweee, it’s been awhile since I blogged. I guess that’s o.k., with the holidays and all. The past week has been pretty quiet actually. Michelle and I had a good, fairly typical Christmas – her parents throw a big party every Christmas Eve (I’m usually late because of our Christmas Eve service at church). Lots of friends that we don’t see much throughout the year. Laughed a lot. Enjoyed hanging out. On Christmas day we went to my sister’s place for more family fun. Watching the nephews enjoy the excitement of Christmas is a hoot. My four year old nephew, Evan, is getting pretty funny to watch and listen to. The day after Christmas, we went to see Catch Me If You Can. Pretty fun film. The rest of the weekend was just cleaning the house and hanging out being quiet. Michelle and I had some good conversations (uncomfortable at […]

Merry Christmas everyone!

Michelle and I had a “fun” conversation the other day. It was about some of the good ministry ideas and perspectives that I’ve put into effect at the church . . . and have totally bombed. I’m not being sarcastic when I say they’re good ministry ideas and perspectives – it’s just that they weren’t right for this church. Few things that I think of or about are – it’s almost comical, really. I’m realizing more and more, though that I am really the one that is out of step. So many good hearted people that I love deeply, and I’d never want to hurt any of them, but ultimately if I stay here I will end up hurting them – it’s me who needs to go. When I do go, it will be a celebration for all of us, and not because we’re ridding ourselves of each other. It […]

Michelle and I had the great pleasure of going to the Matthew’s House Christmas Connection last night. It was really cool – a great feast, meaningful worship, and a mini mural got painted which was awesome. People were encouraged to bring a gift to give to the King of Kings, and each gift that was shared was special. I had only met a few of the people before, but we felt embraced and loved in a wonderful way. A few people shared that they have been praying for us, which was really encouraging. I love being a part of the Church, and being able to unite with complete strangers almost instantly because of our citizenship in the Kingdom.

Seems like some of the postmodern deconstructionist thinking has come full circle for some people out there, and the notion of blogging is being questioned. I’ve read people challenging their own reasons for blogging, challenging others’ reasons for blogging, defending the credibility of blogging, etc. Deconstructing all this stuff is good and helps distill motives and values . . . as long as people are actually willing to be deeply honest with themselves. I read a post a few months back from one of the hottest new bloggers on the block lamenting that his daily hit count had dropped from about 1,200 per day to only about 500 per day. Poor guy. If his motive is to get as many hits as possible, then perhaps he should consider some marketing strategies. I read another post the other day from someone forecasting that the end may be near for his blog. […]

This is the last week of my senior pastor’s sabbatical, so things may begin to loosen up a little in my schedule . . . except for the fact that the next couple of weeks are holiday weeks, and those are always a bit off in terms of consistency. I’m not sure what “it” is, but something seems to have broken through in me in the past couple of weeks. My head is in a better place, I’m making wiser choices, I’m more hopeful and relaxed in certain ways. I can’t say I’m significantly aware of the fact that it’s Christmas time though, because I feel like I’m kinda going through the motions, with the exception of writing the Advent reflections for our weekly candle lightings. I guess if I’m only aware of a little bit, that’s the right stuff to be aware of. I’ll say this about these days […]

I just had to be like everybody else . . . . . . so I went and got a copy of The Younger Evangelicals by Robert Webber. I also got a copy of what I’ve heard is an absolute classic, but something I’ve never read – The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard. I also tried to buy a Thomas Merton book, but sadly the Christian bookstore folks gave me a dazed look when I asked where the Thomas Merton section was . . . never heard of him. Ouch!! If I were Alan Creech, I’d be steamin’ mad right now!

Had a good time visiting some good friends yesterday. Steve and Christina are way cool people . . . lots of fun to hang with. We don’t get to see them much because they live up in Temecula, about an hour north of us. We ate Mexican food, had coffee, and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. They couldn’t believe I had never seen it, so they went and grabbed it out of their enourmous DVD collection. I’m a big Danny Elfman fan (I was an Oingo Boingo geek in high school), so I loved the music. Anyhoo, one of the coolest parts of the day was that Steve and Christina trusted me enough to let me drive their awesome new Mini Cooper – it rocked!