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When the term ‘pluralism’ gets used within the context of a church, it’s usually in a negative sort of way. People get fired up about the whole deal of “all roads lead to heaven” and they get easily bent out of shape. Pluralism is seen by some as one of the evils of postmodernism. While I’m no big proponent for postmodernity (even though I’ll take it over the alternative), I’m inclined to view pluralism in more neutral terms. I think there’s some good stuff to be mined out of a pluralistic mindset. Once we’ve released ourselves from the binding structures of the past, we can embrace new forms and blend them with the things we’ve found helpful about where we’ve come from. One of the outworkings of this in my little circle of experience has to do with a weekly gathering of pastors in my area for prayer. I’ve blogged […]

Today I’m embracing an increased level of challenge and testing in my current ministry position. It’s going to get really busy around here. It may mean less blogging for me. Sadly it will probably also mean less reading of other blogs. I’ll try to stay up with everyone, but I’m not gonna make any promises. Prayers are gratefully welcomed at this time.

Sometimes one has to do the sucky maintenance of real ministry in order to kick back and enjoy the more fun times of body life.


Had a pretty interesting prayer experience in the weekly gathering of pastors I’m a part of. A couple of the pastors spoke prophetic words over me that are definitely in keeping with the direction God has been leading me. Neither of these guys know anything about my direction toward church planting or moving toward a distinctly different than I am now in. They spoke words of affirmation that I am ready to be used by God in a more primary role . . . i.e. a lead pastor type role.

I had lunch today with a couple of new friends – Matt and Melissa. Matt is a church planter in Chula Vista, CA in the early days of Crossroads Church. Sounds like they’ve got some good stuff going on there, and they’ve just gotten started. I made contact with Matt a couple of months back after having seen Crossroads on the Acts 29 Network website. In my wrestlings in the direction of church planting over the past many months, I learned some things about Acts 29 that have resonated with me. It is a missional church planting network that helps new church plants with a mind toward constant reproduction . . . planting church planting churches (if that makes any sense at all). Michelle and I made the decision to go to the A29 bootcamp in January 2003. We may or may not end up planting a church through Acts […]

I’m struggling today, but in what I think is a healthy sort of way. I’ve been making some really crappy choices lately, and today I’m actually trying to process them. I’ve been pretty lame at managing stress lately. I’m not an angry sort of dude, so it’s not like I have outbursts of rage or anything, but I’ve actively chosen some poor attitudes and outlooks on life and ministry. The fact that life has gotten intense all around me is no excuse – I know better than to live like this. I’ve even taken up some old habits of using food as a stress-reduction drug – oh I forgot, that doesn’t really work. It isn’t like nothin’ good’s going on, either. There’s a lot that I could (should?) be hopeful and excited about. That’s why I have to own the fact that I’m choosing my attitudes. I’ll blog more after […]

Just had a lovely lunch with one of my newer favorite people, Mr. Jason Evans. I was about to say I had lunch with “my valentine”, but that woulda sounded a little odd, wouldn’t it? Anyway, it was good to hear how things are going over at Matthew’s House. As we talked and shared life together, a gentleman sat down next to us, and listened in to our conversation while eating his burger. After listening to us for several minutes, it was like he couldn’t take it any longer and started talking to us about his own faith experience. We had an opportunity to listen to him talk about his relationship with Jesus, and his experience of life. He told us about how he’s been feeling down lately because of a recurring problem of sin in his life. We prayed and shared Christ’s love with one another. Jason told me […]

Today is my beautiful wife’s birthday (I won’t say which birthday). She is so special to me. Generous in every way. An incredible gift of grace to me. I’m gonna cut out of the office early today and hang out with her, then go home and cook up her favorite food in the world . . . my famous quiche. I’m looking forward to celebrating who she is. The world’s a much better place with Michelle around!

What theologian are you? O.k., I don’t usually take these little quizzes, but Jordon Cooper posted his results and I chased it. I feel like a gullible and cheesy horoscope reading, psychic hotline calling, alien abduction victim here, but this profile actually describes me really well. Here goes . . . “It is the chiefest point of happiness that a man is willing to be what he is.” You are Desiderius Erasmus! You have great love for others and will do just about anything to show it to them. You are tolerant and avoid confrontations, so people generally are drawn to you. You are more quiet and reserved in front of strangers, but around some people you open up. When things get tough, you like to meditate alone. Unfortunately you often get things like “what a pansy,” or “you’re such a liberal.” What theologian are you? A creation of Henderson